Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Christina MULHERN (Disorderly, Resisting Arrest)

On the morning of August 21, 2018 at approx. 12:30 AM I was assigned to routine uniform patrol in unit West five. I along with Off. P Beckford in W6 were dispatched to 7X Pearson Ave. for a group of intoxicated people making noise in the middle of the street. A small group of 3 females and one male were walking down the street. One of the Females later identified as the Defendant Christina Mulhern was assisting another female unable to keep her legs under her, she was later identified as XXXX. We asked the group where they were taking her, they replied home. They started to walk away and by the time Off Beckford and I caught up with them they were hiding in a driveway near the intersection of Pritchard Ave and Kidder Ave.  We escorted the two females out of the driveway.

While awaiting the ambulance, Miss Mulhern was talking loudly and was not follow my directions when asked. I informed the group they would not be taking the extremely intoxicated XXXX anywhere due to her condition, and that I had called an ambulance because I received information she had fallen several times, and I could she had some minor scrapes and abrasions. Miss Mulhern kept insisting that she was taking custody of her intoxicated friend. I informed her that we were now responsible for XXXX. Ms. Mulhern became violently aggressive, yelling and screaming that she was taking care of her friend. When I asked her to step back so the EMTs could attend to her friend, She screamed with spittle flying from her mouth, “Don’t tell me what to do, and don’t you dare lay a fucking hand on me!” At that point I held her arms and escorted her several feet away and asked her to stay there. She said, ” I’m sick of cops putting their hands on me !” She poked her finger in my chest, and screamed,” What the Fuck, are you going to arrest me?” . I asked her once again to step back, Off. Beckford stepped between us and tried to advise her that she may be placed in custody if she continued her behavior.

The Ambulance was on scene and Officer Beckford and I assisted XXXX towards the Ambulance, Ms Mulhern broke towards me and yelled, ” I’m going in the fucking ambulance with her!” She again pushed my shoulder to try and muscle by me, she kept screaming, ” Don’t you Fucking touch me, what are you going to beat me up like you beat your wife!” I struggled to gain hold of Ms. Mulhern, I restrained her kicking and screaming to the sidewalk. Ms. Mulhern’s girlfriend XXXX who was one of the group, was standing next to us on the sidewalk. While attempting to handcuff Ms. Mulhern , she was thrashing around, and refused to put her hands behind her back. XXXX was yelling at her to stop resisting. The Ambulance left with the alcohol poisoned XXXX, on its way to Somerville Hospital. XXXX the girlfriend was not intoxicated, said she was the designated driver the only sober one of the group, she apologized for her friends behavior, and said Ms. Mulhern had been drinking, and is not normally like this.

Ms. Mulhern was taken into custody , charged with Disorderly Conduct, and Resisting arrest. She was transported by Wagon 200 to the Station , and she was processed by Sgt. J. Marino.

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