Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Michael ANDERSON (Disturbing the Peace, Resisting Arrest)

At about 8 PM on June 9, 2017, Officer Anderson (West 6) and I (Officer Nevin / West 5) were dispatched to # Maxwell’s Green in response to a complaint about an intoxicated male being belligerent to residents. Officer Chris Collette (West 7) also responded.

Upon my arrival I observed a white male matching the description given by dispatch. He was yelling an unintelligible stream of words very loudly while he stumbled in the street. I approached him and asked him his name (later identified as Michael Anderson). A woman (later identified as XXXX, Mr. Anderson’s wife) was in a nearby car told him to get in the car. I noticed her speech was slurred, but ignored her for the moment to focus on Mr. Anderson as he continued to stumble in the street while yelling.

When I attempted to restrain Mr. Anderson he became combative and very resistant. Officer Anderson and I took him to the ground and attempted to handcuff him. Officer C. Collette arrived and assisted us in forcing his left arm behind his back.  Mr. Anderson tensed his muscles to such an extent it took three officers to pull his left arm behind his back in order to handcuff him. Our efforts to handcuff Mr. Anderson caused him to sustain several minor scrapes and cuts which exposed the officers to Mr. Anderson’s blood. Once he was safely in custody I returned my focus to his wife and the witnesses.

Sgt. McCarey (street supervisor) and Officers Schneider and Lambert also arrived to assist. Officer Schneider is a certified drug recognition expert (DRE). I explained to Mrs. XXXX that I observed her speech to be slurred and believed that she was trying to cover up the smell of alcohol by chewing gum; and was concerned about her driving. She agreed to undergo a field sobriety test. I observed her movements to be slow and unsteady. I began the tests with the HGN test. Mrs. XXXX did not follow my instructions to stand with her feet together and keep her hands by her side. I observed early onset of Nystagmus prior to 45 degrees and sustained Nystagmus at 45 degrees. Officer Schneider continued the field sobriety test (FST) while I interviewed the witnesses. Officer Schneider told me later that she failed the FSTs and based on his training as a DRE, he believed that she was under the influence of disassociate anesthetics, like PCP or Ketamine. Mrs. XXXX was transported to the Somerville Hospital by Cataldo for protective custody. Her care was transferred to Dr. XXXX. Her car was towed for safe keeping.

The witnesses stated that Mr. Anderson was yelling and crashing their picnic, and he grabbed one of the witnesses wrists no reason.

Mr. Anderson was arrested for disturbing the peace and resisting arrest. He was transported to the station by Officer Justin Buswell in the prisoner transport wagon and booked by Lt. W. Rymill.

Respectfully submitted by,

Officer Mark Nevin, #300

Somerville Police Department

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