Congressman Mike Capuano Visits Somerville Cobble Hill Elders

By Martin Polignone

The temperature this past Wednesday and the thoughts of a good summer coming were on the mind of the elder residents of Somerville’s Cobble Hill Apartments as Congressman Mike Capuano served up ice cream and cake .

The ” climate” in Washington was also on the mind of many in attendance as the Congressman addressed issues such as Social Security, healthcare, transportation and elderly housing. Many of the elders remember ” Mike ” as their former long term mayor who set the groundwork for many of the local programs in place and expressed gratitude for his taking that same passion and advocacy to the national level since he has been serving in Congress.

“Mike is always fighting for us and always has been,” remarked lifelong Somerville resident and 90 years young Louise Sabella who has known Mike’s family her entire life. Residents old and new enjoyed a great afternoon and conversation, and look forward to November election and keeping Mike in Washington.

2 thoughts on “Congressman Mike Capuano Visits Somerville Cobble Hill Elders”

  1. Too bad he couldn’t have invited a 4 time homeless vet and his wife for some since they are nearby at the Holiday Inn. Or are they out yet? It appears this is not a priority to our higher ups. Or is this ignore it and it will go away thing.

    1. I’ve known Mike for some years. When he was Mayor he started an annual charity drive for charities in Somerville.

      Mike spends most of his time in Washington DC serving as a Congressman.

      I am sure that Mike isn’t aware of this situation, but when he does, he will help out. He’s a good man with a nice family.

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