Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Pierre SILLICE (Forge Credit Card, Poss Blank Credit Card, Identity Fraud, Force RMV Doc…)

The following is a summary of events that pertain to incident # 18023337.

On April 4, 2018, I ( Officer Joseph Moreira) , was in full uniform operating marked unit 781 ( East-1).  At 1641, I was dispatched to the xxxxx, xx Washington Street, for a report of an individual who was using fraudulent credit cards. Marked unit 782 (East-2) , Officer Lorenti and Officer Dacosta were sent as backup.  Once on scene I spoke with Mr. XXXX whose is the reporting party. Mr XXXX stated that a male party had come into the hotel and attempted to obtain two hotel rooms which were reserved via an internet website, which he used a fraudulent credit card to hold as a deposit. This party used a Mastercard  to pay for the room using a Rhode Island picture I.D. both in the name of YYYY for a total of $679.14 on the Mastercard. Mr. XXXX recognized this individual as the same party from numerous past similar incidents were a fraudulent credit card was used. Mr. XXXX explained to me that the male party involved in this incident was still sitting in a brown Toyota parked on the street in front of the hotel. I walked to an area in front of the hotel and had Mr. XXXX point the vehicle out to me.

Once the vehicle was identified , I pulled my cruiser behind the vehicle, I observed a male party sitting in the driver seat of a brown Toyota. The vehicle was bearing Massachusetts registration xxxx, registered to Mr Pierre Sillice ( DOB xxxx).  While still sitting in my cruiser I observed the party sitting in the driver’s seat of the vehicle moving around, he had leaned over into the front passenger seat area.  At this time Officer Lorenti and Officer Dacosta arrived on scene. I approached the vehicle and knocked on the window. The male party provided me a Massachusetts driver’s license, identified as Mr. Pierre Sillice.  I explained to Mr. Sillice why I approached his vehicle and wanted to hear his side of the story. Mr. Sillice appeared very nervous, he was visibly sweating even though it was 57 degrees outside. I asked Mr. Sillice to step out of the vehicle to speak with me. Once Mr. Sillice stepped out of the vehicle, Officer Lorenti observed a folding knife in Mr. Sillices waistband. The knife was removed from Mr. Sillices waistband. A Pat Frisk was conducted on Mr. Sillice for further weapons.  Due to Mr. Sillices furtive movements prior to making contact, knife on his person,  and his excessive nervousness,  a frisk of the front seat area of the vehicle was conducted.  During this frisk,  a wallet was located in the glove box where Mr. Sillices was reaching. Once the vehicle was cleared of any weapons I returned back to the glovebox where the  wallet was located. The wallet contained a Rhode Island driver’s license with the name YYYY and numerous prepaid credit cards. The Rhode island driver’s license with the name “YYYY” had a photograph of Mr.Pierre Sillice. A search of the information obtained from this Rhode Island driver’s license was conducted and no information was located.  Given this information, I believe that this state ID was fraudulently obtained.  The prepaid credit cards inside this wallet also had the name YYYY imprinted on them,  eight prepaid cards in total with this name imprinted, including the credit card used to book the room (Paypal xxxx) . Two prepaid cards were also located with no information embossed on them including expiration dates. This is common in cases of fraudulent credit cards where people emboss their own names on the prepaid cards.

I informed Mr. Sillice that he was being placed under arrest at this time, and he was placed in handcuffs. At this time , I read Mr. Sillice his Miranda rights from a card I keep in my vest pocket. Mr. Sillice acknowledges his rights by saying , “yes”. I asked Mr. Sillice to tell me what is going on. He explained to me that he owes some guys some money and he is doing this to pay back his debt.  The guys he owes money to,  gave him all the cards and driver’s license. He was told to rent these hotel rooms and hand off the key to someone else later that night. He stated that he does not know what the rooms were to be used for.

Mr. Sillice was transported to Somerville Police Station Headquarters via unit 200. He was booked by Lt. DeOliveira.

Mr. Pierre Sillice will be charged with the following:

266/37C/C  Credit card forge or utter forged

90/24B/B Forge/misuse RMV document

266/37C/E  Credit card, posses blank

266/37C/F Credit card, posses counterfeit press

267/5A Uttering false instrument

266/37E Identity fraud

266/30A Larceny over $250

9/96 VCO possession of dangerous weapon – knife

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Joseph Moreira

Patrolman #320

Somerville Police Department

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