Not You’re Average “Nephew” Public Safety Professional “Sworn To Serve and Protect”-The Frank J. Scimone Story

By Frank A. Scimone

Frank J. Scimone was at one time known as the “Mayor of Teele Square” in the days when the brawls at “Old Jumbo’s” dominated the Somerville News. Frank’s Insurance Agency was located across the street within a bird’s eye view of this neighborhood “bar” where matters were settled, “bread was broken” and cold beers drank. In1982, the Red Line was constructed and the MBTA became an essential commuter option which fed life into Davis Square a growing urban neighborhood. It changed the landscape of this family neighborhood forever. The community has steadily evolved into a more affluent, diverse neighborhood.

This tale is not about Frank J. Scimone, the distinguished Somerville Business owner who was once featured on “Chronicle” and “Seriously Somerville” with Jimmy Delponte as an iconic segment on Teele Square. Frank retired during the mid 1990’s but remained active in the Somerville community until his health declined as the result of weathering life’s ups, downs coupled with years of the wins, losses that public service brings to one’s body and soul. He chose to spend time at his primary life long time Somerville home, caring to his wife Elena. His only son Frank found himself spending many days and nights there caring for both parents while balancing family affairs and his own professional demands.

On May 12, 2015, Frank’s doctor went to his home, immediately called the Somerville police and emergency workers in fear of his declining health. Frank was transported to the Cambridge City Hospital for tests and his own personal safety. This proud, curt and surly ninety year old Somerville man did not want to be attended to or sympathized. After sixty five years in one home, sick, weak and being separated from your wife, the fear of possibly never returning was overwhelming.

This is an interpretation of an account of Frank’s fifty five year old nephew who traveled to the Cambridge Hospital and convinced the doctors that Frank was not that ill or sick and did not belong in their care. He used his influence along with another interested party to help in this ploy or unsanctioned release. It is said this man has a penchant for manipulating associates and cohorts to achieve certain goals. These perceived concerned family members succeed in what is believed to be a “guise” as Frank was home for a late bedtime. He was hungry, tired and weak but happy according to the “gospel” of his nephew who remains a staunch man of religion.

“The average Nephew” might not understand medical details but in hindsight, he is a tenured Law Enforcement Professional of Officer stature at a local University and an E M T with medical training. Furthermore, he was recognized for a life saving event. It is now said he may have been reduced to a Patrol Officer at another department.

On the morning of May 13, 2015, this “Nephew” was asked by Frank’s Cambridge Health Alliance Geriatric Doctor’s to meet at Franks home. A Geriatric Doctor is required to make home visits after a patient has been hospitalized and released from the hospital. In this case it was closer to a calculated assisted or absconding. In a complete move to shadow liability, the doctors let his nephew “inject” himself in the family health care plan against the wish of Frank’s son who is the power of attorney and health care proxy. The Doctor now refused to lodge any complaints against the “Nephew” who stated that his uncle was not that ill and needed to remain home in a comfortable chair, not partake in therapeutic exercises to manage dementia and to not allow doctors into his home. Here is a ninety year old man with memory, lung, loss and mobility issues and obviously struggling to take care of himself left alone with his sickly wife but not recognized by John.

The following day “The nephew” calls Frank’s wife Elena’s elderly ninety four year old sisters from Medford and Revere along with other family members informing them that Frank’s son and all of the doctors were plotting to put Frank J. Scimone away. The “Nephew” may have been creatively delusional as Frank’s son was working with his doctors interviewing Mystic Valley Housing and Elder Services to secure in home services. All of which would enable his parents to remain at home as long as possible. The “Nephew’s” intervention eviscerated this safety plan.

Frank J. Scimone would grow weaker, fall, be unable to eat, and return to the hospital several days later. Action Ambulance drivers later told Frank’s son that the Cambridge City Hospital Emergency Room “was not happy to see him return”.  Frank would spend a several days in the hospital at which time denied hospice and was then sent to the Courtyard Nursing Home with an infection and unable to eat. On Day 1, John’s sister and Husband are sent to Courtyard to visit and then called Frank’s son threatening to carry Frank J. Scimone “out of the place on his shoulder.” Frank lasted two days at Courtyard and subsequently passed away on June 1, 2015 at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. The “Nephew” was adamant his Uncle was not sick. The “Nephew” did attend the Funeral Services but was not allowed to partake in any speaking role.

The drama does not end here in Somerville with Frank J. Scimone’s death. During November 2015, Frank’s son is attacked by the “Nephew’s” brother in law while his son Frank is supervising repairs at the family’s Somerville home. The police are called and a report is filed at the West Somerville substation. Frank’s son speaks to the Commanding Officer at this location and he suggests that the “relatives might be concerned about the value of Frank’s father’s hard earned real estate.” Is this good police work? Let’s not fail to mention the interpretation of other Somerville residents and neighbors that these “relatives” of the deceased Scimone have quite possibly been harassing developers and fellow citizens for years.

The “Nephew” and local City Administrators are valued “friends” and converse on a friendly and professional basis. The “Nephew” has surely enjoyed the benefits of local nepotism according to City sources. The mindset and stability of certain occurrences within this “clan” are surely suspect and may never be solved or explained. Frank J. Scimone’s son was advised by his attorney to file a larceny report for separate incident at the time of his father’s death. The police refused to record it as a theft and converted the “occurrence” as a “missing item report.” Was it just a coincidence that Mr. Scimone’s home safe was found empty, cleaned out, without funeral documents and missing keys on the day of his June 1, 2015 death? At the time Frank’s son and the family Attorney went to make funeral arrangements? A witness placed the “Nephew” at the Scimone home around 7:30 PM on May 15, 2015 and called Frank’s son who, with the approval of Mr. Scimone’s doctors, took a weak Frank out for what would turn out to be one of his last favorite meals.

When a retained Licensed State Police Private Investigator approached the “Nephew” outside his home in November 2015, John stated “I knew you were coming…you’re looking for me”. Apparently, the Somerville locals and “Nephew cronies” that often hang out early mornings at the Teele Square Neighborhood Market did not know this same Investigator was coming in January 2016. When the Investigator identified himself to question the long time store owner and Teele Square friend of Frank J. Scimone…”Everyone was gone in less than 30 seconds!” Was it something he said or was about to ask?

The ironic twist here is that this West Somerville Police Sub Station is located in Frank J. Scimone’s formerly owned office building. Frank sold the building and Insurance Agency to another Somerville and family friend when he retired. After Franks’s death in 2015, a Somerville Alderman at Large, another local businessman, called Frank’s son wanting to get the ball rolling for a plaque and/or street sign renaming the area in front of the building as “Frank J. Scimone Square”. Several delays and excuses began to pile up soon after the Private Investigator began questioning the “Nephew” and others. Franks son and the building the owner are still waiting for the plaque. The former Alderman has now dropped the ball as all the e mail inquiries and telephone calls in 2015 and 2016 became fruitless and apparently were “washed away.” The “hapless” Alderman failed to win re-election in November 2017. Conversely, there are street signs honoring former residents being dedicated and honored throughout Somerville.

Frank J. Scimone owned and operated the Scimone Insurance Agency and Somerset Realty in Teele Square, he was formerly the President of the Somerville Chamber of Commerce and Kiwanis Club, Somerville Local Development President, served on Mike Capuano’s Somerville Home First Corporation, Somerville Council on Aging, a twenty year Bank Director, fifteen year Clerk of the Bank at Somerset Savings Bank and was a Life Member of the Greater Boston Real Estate Board. All civic engagement and love for the community was enough to be recognized and honored previously but not posthumously?

Frank J. Scimone’s son recounted some of his father’s last words on the eve of his death about the “Nephew’s” actions during the week of May12. 2015. Frank J. Scimone passed knowing that his wife Elena would never recover from the trauma of the events of the previous month. Elena Scimone was hospitalized a day after her husband Frank and ultimately was placed in a secured dementia unit at the Courtyard Nursing Home until she was victim to a fall in April 2016. It is questionable to who may have been involved after unsuccessful threats from family members to remove Elena from the facility. Were some of the same people involved? After a lengthy rehabilitation, Elena Scimone courageously struggled in other facilities still asking for her husband and not being able to recall what happened during husband’s and the love of her life final days.

But the cycle continues. Another round of family members threatening to have Frank’s wife removed from the Melrose Health Care facility and coincidently returned to the Courtyard Nursing facility. After lengthy litigious proceedings and a hefty financial undertaking, Frank’s son was appointed as Elena’s Guardian during 2017. It was no surprise to Frank’s Counsel that an unknown party tried to interrupt the process less than 24 hours before the scheduled court date. Concerned for Elena’s well being and safety, Frank’s son moved his mother to a newly developed and more secure residence The Brightview Facility located in Wakefield, MA.

On New Year’s Day, 2018, the Scimone family property was subject to an unknown entry. The incident and subsequent exposure to the elements left the water pipes frozen in turn bursting hence causing significant damage. When the Somerville police were called to file a report on New Year’s Day, the same officer who responded in November 2015 again arrived. The Officer first asked Frank’s son if he had resolved the issues with “your neighbor/family from the last time I was here?” Frank felt he was reluctant to file a report. Subsequent investigation and diligence by the Investigator resulted in the retrieval of the report and fact finding of the Officer. Many of these questions and occurrences may be answered during the course of the on-going Civil Superior Court Case against the “Nephew” for Negligence – Personal Injury Case # 1781CV03318. Frank’s team of specialized counsel which includes local Private Investigator Michael A. Coller who specializes in Criminal and Civil Investigations will surely see this to fruition.

Elena Scimone managed Frank’s Insurance Agency in Teele Square. Maybe it’s best that she cannot comprehend at this time what transpires where her old desk used to be now in the West Somerville Police substation.

The “Nephew” has now returned to a position doing what he loves, being a Public Safety Professional “Serving and Protecting.”.

Perhaps someday Somerville will erect a street sign or plaque in front of his home honoring him as the “Nephew.”


Frank A. Scimone

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  1. When Frank’s Dad was in the hospital in May of 2015, he asked me for recommendations on home health care.

  2. This is all TRASH and CRAP. Check FACTS before you publish things like this. As for the author I think your meds need adjusting.

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