A Message From Katjana Ballantyne President, Board of Aldermen Alderman Ward 7, Somerville

Thank you to everyone who has sent me emails and provide testimony regarding their thoughts/ideas on the Real Estate Transfer Tax.


Legislative Matters Meeting – Committee of the Whole

When:      Mon. Apr. 9, 6pm

Location:  Aldermanic Chambers, Somerville City Hall

During this meeting the Aldermen will deliberate/discuss the Home Rule Petition. All are welcome to attend, however this is a public meeting and not a public hearing. There will be no public testimony taken. There “may” be a vote  on this legislation or it could be discussed further on Wed. Apr. 11.

For the posted agenda, click here for link –> http://somervillecityma.iqm2.com/Citizens/FileOpen.aspx?Type=14&ID=3383&Inline=True

204954: Recommend Requesting approval of a Home Rule Petition (HRP) to authorize the City to impose a Real Estate Transfer Fee.

Draft-Transfer Fee Home Rule Petition, go to www.somervillema.gov/transferfee

A HRP is enabling legislation, which means a municipality like Somerville, must ask for permission to enact at the local level. The state legislature and the Governor may not allow Somerville to enact.

This is a draft and can be edited up until the vote is taken. For this HRP it was not determined that there was one right strategy in composing the legislation. The HRP can be broad or more specific. At the moment this draft is broad, however it doesn’t mean it will ensure passage. IF the State legislature and the Governor were to say ok, Somerville you can enact local legislation, then the Board of Aldermen would need to craft legislation with possibly more specific language, exemptions etc.

If you have any further questions, please contact me.

Kind regards,

Katjana Ballantyne

President, Board of Aldermen

Alderman Ward 7, Somerville

e: Katjana@Katjana.org

m: 617-440-4433



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