Letter From The Very Proud Somerville Sicilian Lucille Marie Bordonaro to Crooked Captain Coverup Cop

Tell the good people of Somerville are you like a mouse always looking for a piece of cheese or are you are rat?

The latter sounds just like you. You are despicable, worthless, obnoxious, highly offensive and nauseating.

You got on the stand you liar and made up false stories and lies about our Dante. You are in bed with Curtaphony. You stuck up for the rouge crooked, dishonest ex-cop mayor’s cousin Alex. He had three strikes and should go to jail and throw away the key. Then the mayor rewarded him with a pension.

Corrupt Captain Coverup you are going to burn in Hell for all the damage you have done to innocent Dante and his family.

LAFAMIGLIA is very important to the Italians. Cut it the hell out, mend your ways before it is too late.

The Very Proud Somerville Sicilian,

Lucille Marie Bordonaro

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