Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Nicholas ALMEIDA (Somerville Warrant)

On October 5, 2017, at approximately 5:50pm, while working in marked cruiser East-1, in full uniform I, Officer Mark McLaughlin, along with my partner Officer Devin Schneider, were on a walking patrol in Foss Park on Broadway.

While walking through the park I observed a male leaning up against a tree urinating. At the time, the park was heavily populated with families and there was several sporting events going on.  Also of note, about ten yards from where the male was urinating were two young children watching the incident occur. Additionally, two playgrounds populated with children and families were located approximately twenty yards from our location.

When I approached the male, he was pulling up the fly to his pants. Urine was evident on the tree and was pooled around his feet. I recognized the male from previous interactions to be Victor Romero. I asked Mr. Romero why he was urinating on the tree, when there were porta potties about twenty yards away. Mr. Romero stated that he was not urinating. I would note that Mr. Romero appeared to be heavily intoxicated. I issued Mr. Romero a citation for public urination. Mr. Romero began to loudly argue and said that he was not going to pay the fine. I told Mr. Romero over a dozen times to calm down and leave the area. Mr. Romero’s outlandish behavior continued to escalate.

Based on the aforementioned facts, I believe Mr. Romero was creating a public annoyance by publicly exposing himself to urinate, when there was access to port potties only a short distance away. I placed Mr. Romero under arrest and put him in handcuffs (double locked). Mr. Romero was placed into Somerville Police transport unit 200 and taken to the Somerville Police Station where he was booked by LT. William Rymill.

Mr. Romero is being charged with the following:

Ch. 272 S. 53 Disorderly Conduct

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Mark McLaughlin #343

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