Is The Somerville Police Chief Just Another One Of The Mayor’s Political Puppets?

By William Tauro

Where is the Somerville Police Chief during all of this? Where are our two high-paying deputy police chiefs as well? Where have they been because we haven’t seen them take any action whatsoever on anything regarding the multiple scandals that are running rampant in city hall and at the Department of Public Works?

Is the chief and the command staff looking the other way? We certainly hope not.

The chief of police in Somerville is an appointed position by the mayor. He is at the mayors will. That doesn’t mean that he has to agree with the mayor nor close his eyes during investigations, it just means that he was selected to do his job but apparently it’s not happening here in Somerville

When somebody runs a red light you get a ticket. When somebody steals a bicycle they get arrested. When somebody robs a bank they get formally charged with the crime.

So please, will someone tell me with all this overwhelming evidence that has been presented regarding Mayor Curtatone, DPW Commissioner Stanley Koty, City Finance Director Edward Bean, Dpw Garage Foreman Mike Browne and the alleged cop who covered up multiple police investigations on these individuals in a prior botched investigation, Police Captain Dan Cotter.

Where the hell is our command staff during all of this?

You mean to tell me that not one of these three Somerville Police Department top cops have the backbone to file charges and report these alleged criminals?

Somerville Police Chief David Fallon,

Deputy Police Chief Stephen Carrabino and Deputy Police Chief Paul Trant, these three gentlemen have an obligation to their badges as well as to the people of Somerville! Please take a minute and look up in the dictionary…..malfeasance vs misfeasance and let it really sink in for a minute.

malfeasance vs misfeasance:

Intentional conduct that is wrongful or unlawful, especially by officials or public employees. Malfeasance is at a higher level of wrongdoing than nonfeasance (failure to act where there was a duty to act) or misfeasance (conduct that is lawful but inappropriate).

Also check out the definition NON FEASANCE:

legal Definition of nonfeasance. :the failure or omission to do something that should be done or especially something that one is under a duty or obligation to do — compare malfeasance, misfeasance.

We’re also hoping that none of these three top cops are involved in any of these corrupt scandals or cover ups or is that possibly why they are not coming forward with any sort or public statement nor and official investigation? We certainly hope not!

Could they be stalling for political reasons and maybe waiting for after the election?

Are they going to risk the public safety of our citizens and leave these individuals with these serious allegations out roaming the streets putting us all in danger of any kind of repercussions at all?

Well they are at this very minute putting our safety at risk that’s for sure.

Suppose one of these alleged suspects snap for any reason. Chief Fallon are you really going to risk that and take the chance?  Especially what has just occurred in Las Vegas is living proof because people do snap? Chief Fallon are you willing to take that chance?

Maybe it’s time to drain the swamp and bring in new leadership on the board as well?

There is no reason whatsoever to stall this for any reason at all especially for political favoritism which it looks like to us in the eyes of the city taxpayers right now!

What kind of example are they setting for the many new recruits of officers that just got sworn in and were recently placed on the job and looking up to them for leadership?

What kind of example are they setting for our children who look up to police officers.

These three top cops have an obligation to protect and to serve and to uphold the law.

Enough with the smoke shows of your every day fabricated painted picture portrayals of your job performances that you take the time to put on your Somerville Police Facebook page and blow smoke up our asses.

You three have an obligation so do your job!

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