Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Nathan ADAMS (Shoplifting)

On Friday September 29 2017, I was assigned to the alpha unit as A2. I was contacted by Kmart loss prevention officer XXXXX in regards to a suspect that he had detained for shoplifting. Officer Collette – cruiser E1- and I responded. Upon arrival we proceeded to the loss prevention office and met with XXXXX and the defendant, later identified as Mr. Nathan Adams. I was informed by XXXXXX that he observed Mr. Adams – through the in-store security camera system- concealing several items inside a black duffel bag he was carrying. Additionally, I was also informed that while doing this, Mr. Adams was in possession of a pair of scissors which he had used to remove a theft detection device from a winter coat he had concealed. I observed as loss prevention removed the winter coat from the suspect’s bag, along with other items.

At that point I cuffed Mr. Adams – double locked- and placed him under arrest for the Charges of Shoplifting by Concealment M.G.L. Chap. 266 S. 30A, and Removal of Theft Detection Device Chap. 266 S. 30B. Mr. Adams was transported to the Somerville Police Headquarters via unit 200.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Ducasse, 313

Somerville Police Department

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