“Please Mr. Mayor, No More Luxury Condos in Somerville”

By Judy Locchi Jacobs 

All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed and third it is accepted as being self-evident”~ Arthur Schopenhauer, philosopher
When gang-stalking begins, most cannot recognize it because it’s hard to believe. I no longer believe in coincidences. Everything I am about to share with you is the truth. I have no reason to make any of it up.
As you may recall from my previous blog — Judge Heffernan and Rep. Vinny Ciampa were my hero’s who helped me escape an extremely difficult hearing involving a restraining order, connected to an ongoing separation and future divorce hearing. I will forever be grateful to them for their support. In 1998, Judge Heffernan exposed Sean O’Donovan sleazy attorney practices, who was attempting to discrediting me as a mother, by using one of my children to lie on the stand. That plan he connived with my ex-husband and fellow divorce attorney (also from Somerville), backfired. Sean was then quickly tossed out of the courtroom and disgraced for all to see, Judge’s last words to Sean, “Don’t ever return to my courtroom with this client”, but not after he got a $3,000 fee from the ex who angrily muttered in my direction – “it was suppose to be for child support that you won’t be getting”. A bill which Vinny passed through legislature helped me and thousands of women flee to safety and/or until it was safe to return home.
So there is my back story to how I know about stalkers and gang stalkers as they attempt to silence those harmed. Years later, when I learned of Sean’s dealing in real estate, I was reminded of those dark days in court and how an attorney, will use an innocent child to try an win a measly $3,000, without even the slightest consideration for what it would do to their fragile psyche during a divorce between two parents. Or the implications it would have on a mother who’s only mission was to protect her children and hope to provide a brighter future. What else could one conclude, other than to think this person to be one of the lowest form of humanity.
Present day, I can honestly say that there is a rogue element at large which will do anything to safe guard their secrets in order to maintain power, control and monetary gain, totaling millions. It is my opinion, they will do anything to follow through on their goals with complete disregard to how much they will hurt local residents who speak out. But we see growing numbers of those fed up and now telling their true accounts is increasing steadily. That is the prime reason they are pushing back on us and hope to discredit our message.
The article that has been put out there about me and the people who have been criticizing the mayor and the administration of wrong-doing is just one of the examples of gang-stalking in order to keep containment and continued secrecy. No matter what they try to write about me or dig up, there is a legitimate answer for it that will prove their guilt of attempted character assassination. 
As a young child, there were two important life virtues my family members instilled in me: Always tell the Truth and practice Self-Respect. Somewhere along the way, we all have faced challenges of being completely honest and self-respecting. Much of this depends on the company we keep, willingly or unwillingly. At times we may lie to protect a close friend or loved one. Other factors include being too naive growing up in over protective environments, too trusting of others and wanting to believe that everyone you encounter, in your close network of family, friends, co-workers and those from the city you were born and raised, would also practice same virtues. 
But soon we learn that experience is our best teacher of all. When people we care about let us down, why are we so disappointed? Maybe because we considered that friendship to be sacred and we didn’t realize that it’s only human nature to make mistakes. But how many mistakes does one have to make until they are exposed for all to see? How many lies and how many actions before we lose respect? Does it depend on the person and their wealth, so called professional credentials, who is their protector? When we have become a society of people who applaud the villains on and off the movie screens, what does that make us? What if the so called villains are really the hero’s? 
This is when life becomes reality and everything you learned as a child becomes somehow blurred, hard to tell what is right and wrong. That’s when we look to our inner self for answers and try to decide– which side are we on? We’re taught –you must, “go-along-to-get-along”, but that can’t last forever. There will come a day when you will have to choose and just maintain hope and confidence that you will persevere.
Our family members and close friends are capable of betraying us — even those we believe were law abiding public officials, local newspaper editors. We convince ourselves that regardless of politics and personal gripes, people will do the right thing. For those who still believe that myth — I am happy to disappoint you because what will sting for a short time, can and will prevent a long life of heartache and regrets. I once believed that everyone who held a position of safeguarding the lives and properties of others were above the rest– they took oaths that reminded them of their responsibility and commitments.
More than any other profession, I wanted to be a journalist, a crime reporter. But in time, I learned that too came with a heavy price and could become a hazard to one’s existence.
There is a grey area in our society that many refuse to believe exists — but I assure you it does. 
Everyone of us is guilty of making bad judgement calls, acting impulsively and making financial decisions at our weakest and most vulnerable points in life. We can be at the “wrong place at the wrong time”, caught up in a web that is unknowing, unseeing, until it’s intentionally dumped on us to make it appear that we are solely the ones to blame. And if we are wired properly, we will assume that heavy burden of guilt for years to come. The crime committed was against ourselves, not to others, but because we were raised, to inherently know the difference from what is right and what is wrong, we assume position of the guilty party, that’s the leverage our enemies use to gain control. 
That was me during this time of my divorce. Now and only now because I dare to speak out about the many injustices done to me and members of our local constituency, I’m dragged to the witch’s stake. Whatever they wish to misconstrue and attempt at deceiving the public at large while they read their lies, will be their own undoing. The truth will serve to hurt them, but we’re not there yet.
I’m flooded with memories of events that individually had no bearing, but collectively they present an orchestration of manipulation, deception and iron fisted control of fear and intimidation. had been approached by someone who worked at ISD, who was hitting-on me in the presence of a standing alderman at an event in Union Square. I am also reminded by a comment the mayor made to me after a meeting, when he called me, “a flower”. All I can conclude was another failed attempt to silence me fro making comments at the meeting, when I asked him directly to his face in the presence of 60+ residents and city officials, “Please Mr. Mayor, NO MORE LUXURY CONDOS”.  
When I ran into him at city hall as a matter of business, paying a bill, etc., and stopping in to say hello to his recently retired assistant, Nancy Alyward, (who did more for constituents than all his hacks together), he would always comment on how “great you look”, blah, blah, blah. Or when I replied about where I worked sarcastically in his failed attempt to shake-down my employer for $80k, stating the funds would go to business owners and cops detail, then denied transporting time sensitive cargo…he felt an overwhelming need to state, “Remember where you come from, Judy”.  
Well, I know where I came from, who I have become– luckily for my sake, it’s not the dark side of the moon from where the mayor has arrived. 
At every opportunity, I would urge him to do his job as mayor for the all constituents he has pledge to support. I’m only bringing this up now because it matters. If we want to start the mud slinging contest, I’ll go so far as to say the losers are digging in the desert. Unlike them, I have nothing to hide.
I’m only sharing these episodes to form constructive history and a consistent pattern– unlike the other local paper manager who is running a childish smear campaign to stop us from writing the truth. 
Maybe we should ask the “Somerville Sleaze of Dig Boston”, to come out and dump that entire war chest of true tales about mortgage fraud and crimes of property neglect in another part of the state. I’m sure if any worthy private investigative team wanted to really DIG …, they could find endless true tales of malfeasance and corruption. Allegedly, one particular case by SomSleaze who posted on twitter, involves said mug slinger, one city official and contractor. Allegedly, two local banks were financially harmed due to the fraud and losses, but hey, they’ve got better things to do than to confess their crimes — like censoring real news by victims.
When any crime is committed one must ask: Who has the most to gain? There lies the answer.
When I discovered there were issues going on in our city, I decided to write for the very same local paper. I didn’t know then what I know now, about their being a strong arm for the mayor and spreading vicious rumors and propaganda aimed at keeping the truth from surfacing. I was told by a retired employee and long time native of the city that “the mayor’s trolls who worked as full time employee’s were tasked to discredit us on the site”.  
Their comments were portraying us as “crazies”, who opposed their views of painting the city as land of lolly-pops and unicorns –unmatched perfection boasting zero crime stats, luxury housing havens, residents dancing in the streets drunk with happiness…………..
While we on the other side, truth seekers were labeled as angry mid-lifers, bitter and resentful,who should leave the keys in the front doors to donate to the elite who need a place to live. Everyday, we were ambushed for having greedly inherited, keeping our homes and demanding we have rights to live as equals, not indentured servants, and was using the comment section to demand freedom of speech and transparency of a municipal government which felt they had no obligation whatsoever to share with taxpayers.
One truth-telling poster was labeled a homicidal maniac and accused of hitting a cyclist on Webster Ave., based solely on the fact he also drove a pick up truck and was most likely the motorist suffering from uncontrollable road rage. Just because the cyclist happen to have MD after his name– the incident was grossly exaggerated for the sole purpose of getting high newspaper ratings, while intentionally creating a hotbed of nasty trolls bent on keeping us away and covering up the truth of what was going on in the city.  
Some of you may not be surprised to learn that I was listed under Pixie Pocahontas — a name I created based on an acquaintance I met who said I reminded him of Pixie Paladino who was a stanch advocate for the native residents of Boston, who were all against the bad decision of desegregation of schools and busing which led to violence. Pocahontas was just a clue on the classification of “native”, to my roots of Somerville and of a Native American woman who was known to helps others.
There were a lot of dirty tricks portrayed by the mayor’s supporters on the other local newspaper comment section– a long time resident and city employee who confirmed that it was the mayor’s employee’s (during work time hours, paid by taxpayers) who were attempting to discredit those of us trying to get the truth out there. 
But something else occurred which would reveal the site in question by a person involved in writing about a sensationalized case on which authors were attempting to profit. This person claimed to be the uncle of a person of interest in the case who had begun a crusade on discrediting me and spreading vicious lies. If anyone bothered to dive into the case of horrors, they would find a long list of questionable people involved in gathering gossip only as acts of personal revenge and monetary gain –(Sound familiar?) Their ridiculous tirades were merely pathetic acts based on hate filled jealousy and mission to innocent destroy lives.
I will stop here and continue as needed. The fact that certain local newspaper personalities take the low road in their attempts to character assassinate our stories proves their guilt and trying to cover up the truth.
I leave you readers to decide which side is telling the truth.

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