Is Somerville a City with No Law & Order That’s Ticking and Ready to Implode?

By William Tauro 

Should the Somerville Department of Public Works Overtime Scandal case that has cost the Somerville taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraudulent submitted work and parts receipts be reopened and who should handle the investigation? 

Should the accused alleged culprits and their superiors that helped them carry out this crime be brought to justice and pay for their crimes and reimburse the taxpayers or should we just let the suspects involved in these allegations just simply walked free and get away with what they did? 

Should we reopen the case and re-investigate all the circumstantial evidence presented and if so who should investigate it? 

When we first broke this story over three years ago in 2013 with specific detailed information, photos of the crimes taking place and plenty of overwhelming evidence with names dates and times of the suspects that were given to the Mayors Office, the Board of Aldermen and Somerville Police Department, nothing was done about it except for sweeping it under a rug. 

After an internal investigation by the city and the police, the outcome was that no wrongdoing was discovered. No charges were filed. And no arrests were made. 

The people of Somerville took a very big hit on this scandal and all at the taxpayers expense. 
But the victims still continue to be victims, the people of Somerville, the taxpayers who apparently got burnt again, time after time. 

Now here we are in 2017 and a Somerville Police Lieutenant has recently come forward with a ten page letter three weeks ago in complete detail specifying that this case was compromised, evidence tampered with and the investigation covered up for the mayor and his administration. 

Should the mayor along with his administration and the investigators that were involved in the botched investigation that originally handled this case be prosecuted and brought to justice. 

So let’s get back to the question in the first paragraph “who should investigate this case?”

Should the Somerville Police Department handle the investigation? Would it be the same detective that was the lead investigator previously handling this case who has now been accused of allegations that he compromised the investigation and covered it up for the mayor and his administration? We would certainly hope not. 

From what we are hearing the Somerville Police Department has their own problems with new allegations surfacing about senior officials allowing certain individuals to work straight forty-eight hour shifts with allegations of bilking the department’s payroll and reeking double overtime with a scandal of their own brewing. And not to mention the police officer who hasn’t been allowed to come back to work for quite sometime now who is currently under investigation for counterfeiting and still collecting a $86,000 a year paycheck. 
So how much trust can we put there?

Should the Middlesex District Attorney bring in the State Police? But isn’t the District Attorney a very close friend of the Somerville Mayor who also works hand-in-hand with the Somerville Police Department? Isn’t the District Attorney also from the city of Somerville?

Or maybe should the Massachusetts Attorney General be the right one to conduct a complete investigation into the case? But isn’t the Attorney General also a very close friend of the Somerville mayor? Didn’t the Attorney General actually just host a political fundraiser for the mayor a month ago?

So now here we are with the new $64,000 question again, “who should investigate and handle this case?”

Should the FBI be brought in again to investigate this as well now? 

A complaint to the FBI was already recently sought against the Somerville mayor and his administration for corruption and racketeering charges not even a little over a month ago.  

The good people of Somerville have been let down for quite some time now by the the very people, the leaders that we put our trust into on a day to day basis. 

So who should we trust? Who should we turn to? Who can save this city from being swallowed up by political corruption by the self serving politicians?

The answer is you the residents of Somerville. The Somerville taxpayers. The people who live and work in this city.

Let your voices be heard. Make some noise. Ask questions. Point fingers, hold these people accountable and reopen this case. 

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