Somerville Under The Iron Fist

By Judy Locchi Jacobs 

“Like everything else the city administration does– its secretive. They feel no responsibility to share with residents and especially taxpayers — and those who have been fighting for their properties.
I too have experienced the silent treatment. I’ve got a $1700 water bill I have been disputing with no communication from the city.
Interestingly, it all happened when I started posting comments on FB. And I also believe it’s how I became financially harmed (cannot share for now), and it’s all linked back to the city and their degenerate friends who are connected to family members through previous law firms and work at city hall in the evening, spreading lies and destroying reputations. Karma is coming.
Much of these situations cannot be proven but if you were to investigate them, you will similar patterns of unexplained job loss, unsubstantiated tax and water bill hikes, fines on property, parking, traffic violations attacked to your car insurance– we know he uses his employees to do these dirty deeds, what else do we need to know?
The only feedback I get is “give us the name of your plumber, we want to see the bill of replacing a hot water heater and toilet”, (none of which is responsible for the water bill spike). As a matter of fact– a business owner in Davis Sq., admitted that their water bill went up too, very high as well with no explanation and no incident.
We have all had hot water heaters and toilets break and replaced– never a water surge.
This is just more ways to extort money from residents who are not “connected”.
And they have a very long wait for me divulging any names of my contractors or anyone I do business with or share information with– those people would be subject to the same selective enforcement– veiled threats and harassment as others including myself have been going through for years.
Zero transparency is what we get while paying all the bills.
It’s definitely like living in a fascist country run by a cruel dictator.

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