Somerville Residents Standup for Your Rights

By Judy Locchi Jacobs 

This is what Joe’s administration does best– blame anyone else except take full responsibility for the misery they cause from their unbridled selfish intentions– a new high school for the sole purpose of providing overpaid jobs to his dedicated followers who continue to drink his poisoned koolaid. Check the student census– it’s been down for years. Only people moving here are single transients.
A promise of GLX that will never come because there are far too many real issues which need to be addressed and those funds will meet the needs of the core MBTA. Of course they won’t dare put in print because they don’t want the thousands of self centered liberal whiners calling in a rage of tears about their lost artwork ($2 million), and promised art studios, bike lanes and millions speculated in Union Sq. 
I know first hand GLX was cancelled, told to me by someone close to the lead contractor on the project.
You don’t reveal sources because retaliation will commence by their dirty infiltrators. I have no reason to make any of this up. People approach me because they know I never reveal my sources. I don’t go around meddling in other people’s affairs. If someone shares their story and I feel it is valid, I will try to help them.
That’s exactly where I and Bill Tauro stand. We are both property owners who are fighting for what is ours to keep. 
It’s no secret that members of this administration have been attempting to circumvent the process by forcing property owners to lose their investments and homes.
This is wrong and they need to be stopped.
What happened to the young pop warner football players and families is exactly the type of injustice going on in our city.
We need to organize and help one another collectively– one issue is tied to the next and helping solve one problem can help to solve them all.

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