Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Frederick CAMP (Shoplifting, Roxbury Warrant)

On Monday August, 21, 2017, while assigned to Assembly Row as unit Alpha-3, I was contacted by Home Depot LP, XXXXX. XXXXX stated that a male was in the store that he believed was going to shoplift a Dewalt Saw. He stated that the individual had staged (prepped) an item for theft. He did this by placing the saw by the door of the store and was looking around, presumably to determine if anyone was watching him. I made my way to the store and when I arrived XXXXX was speaking to the gentleman in question, who was later identified as Frederick Camp. I called into dispatch of the situation and East-4 (Officer C. Collette) came as backup. Also there was LP YYYYY, who stated he saw the individual select the item, put it onto a cart, make his way to the front of the store, and exit through the main entrance, by passing all points of sale, without making any attempt to pay for the item. Mr. Camp was escorted up to the Loss Prevention office and a CJIS check through dispatch determined Mr. Camp had two active warrants. Mr. Camp was handcuffed (DL) and I requested for Unit-200, the prisoner transport vehicle. Mr. Camp was transported by Officer Moreira to the Somerville Police Station and was booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant Digregorio. Mr. Camp has been charged with larceny over 250 dollars.



      Respectfully submitted,


      Officer Christopher Fusco #328

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