Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Glenisha & Jennifer CRUMP (Shoplifting) Assembly Row

I, Officer Justin Brown, on Tuesday August 22, 2017 was assigned to the East 1 section of Somerville in cruiser A871. I was working my scheduled shift from 4pm to 1200am and my partner for the shift was Officer Tim Van Nostrand.


At approximately 4:25pm, we were dispatched to the Puma store located at 341 Artisan Way for a report of a shoplifter. When we arrived, Sgt. Mike Perrone gave me a description of the suspect and the last known direction of travel. As we were driving on Assembly Row towards the train station we were flagged down by XXXXX, a security officer. She told me that she saw the suspect drop off a bag in a grey Toyota Camry and then walk into the Clarks.


Officer Van Nostrand spoke with the driver of the car, YYYYY, and the rear passenger, Jennifer Crump. Sgt. Perrone and I entered Clarks to find the suspect Glenisha Crump. Once Glenisha was located, we found out she had stolen $108.03 worth of shoes from Puma. I was able to view security footage showing Glenisha inside Puma, as well as having her admission to theft, resulted in her being placed under arrest for shoplifting over $100 (266/30A). Jennifer admitted to stealing merchandise from other stores and was found with stolen clothing in the rear of the car. Jennifer was arrested for receiving stolen property over $250.00 (266/60A).


While searching the vehicle we found numerous bags full of clothing, which the Crumps admitted were stolen. YYYYY admitted to knowing Glenisha and Jennifer were stealing but was only providing them with a ride. I will be seeking a compliant for YYYYY for receiving stolen property over $250.00 (266/60A), shoplifting over $100 (266/30A) and conspiracy (274/7).


Jennifer Crump and Glenisha Crump were transported by Officer Erik Ubeda to the station. They were booked by Jeff Digregorio and charged with shoplifting over $100 (266/30A), receiving stolen property over $250.00 (266/60A) and conspiracy (274/7). During booking, Glenisha stated to Jennifer “We can tell the judge that our kids were hungry and we’ll be out of there quick”.


Officer Van Nostrand and I returned the stolen property to the local stores in the Assembly Mall. $359.89 worth of merchandise was returned to Saks Off 5th Avenue, $999.85 worth of merchandise was returned to Express, $108.03 worth of merchandise was returned to Puma, $143.10 worth of merchandise returned to Gymboree Outlet, and $69.18 worth of merchandise was returned to Carter’s. A large bag containing numerous items belonging to Children’s Place was also seized. This bag will be tagged into evidence pending follow up with the nearest Children’s Place store. Total stolen property recovered by Somerville merchants was $1680.05.


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Justin Brown


Somerville Police Dept.

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