Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Frederick TOLLIVER (Distribute B, Possess C)

The following is a brief summary pertaining to incident # 17040629. It does not contain every minute detail of the arrest.


On 07/05/17 around 5:20 p.m., members of the Somerville Police Narcotics Unit were conducting surveillance in the area of Winter Hill when Detective Costa observed XXXXX leaving his residence and headed toward Fenwick Street. I would to note that XXXXX is a known user and was recently involved in a narcotics incident that resulted in the arrest of two individuals and the seizure of multiple baggies of Heroin. For this reason, we decided to keep a loose tail on him to see if he were going to meet with anyone.


As rolling surveillance continued, XXXXX was observed taking a right on Fenwick Street. He went straight toward Broadway where he turned left and went eastbound on Broadway. From time to time, he was observed using his phone and looking around, a similar behavior that he displayed during our last encounter with him. During that time, Detective Cicerone alerted us via radio that he had just observed Mr. Frederick Tolliver on a bicycle on Broadway in the Winter Hill area, more precisely in the parking lot of Walgreens. Mr. Tolliver is a known dealer with narcotics convictions on his criminal record. He was also on the phone from time to time and appeared to have been communicating with someone via text messages. As XXXXX approached the parking lot of Walgreens, I observed him going directly to Mr. Tolliver and engaged in a conversation. Shortly after, Mr. Tolliver was observed taking out of his pocket what appeared to be a prescription bottle. From the bottle, he removed some items and handed them to XXXXX who was also observed removing something from his front pants pocket before handing it to Mr. Tolliver. Based on my observation, training and experience, and history of these two individuals, I concluded that this quick hand to hand was a narcotics transaction. Their whole encounter lasted no more than two minutes. Immediately after this, they went separate ways. XXXXX went westbound on Broadway and Mr. Tolliver went eastbound before he was intercepted by Detectives Cicerone and McNally for a threshold inquiry. Detective Costa and I decided to stop XXXXX for questioning. As soon as he saw us with our badges fully displayed, he said “Oh man, not again”. After a series of questions, XXXXX admitted that he had just purchased 20 Suboxone strips from Mr. Tolliver for a total of $150.


During questioning, Mr. Tolliver told Detective Cicerone that he just came from his mother’s house to meet this kid. When Det. Cicerone asked what kid? Mr. Tolliver stated “XXXXX” – then he went on to say: “I’m just helping him out so he doesn’t get dope sick”. Detective McNally recovered an empty prescription bottle from Mr. Tolliver, and a white envelope containing 1.5 white capsule shape pills marked with G3722. Also recovered from his pants pocket was $150, a sum consistent with what XXXXX allegedly paid for the 20 Suboxone strips, and an additional $115 that he had on him.


Mr. Tolliver, was subsequently placed under arrest for the Distribution of a Controlled Substance (Suboxone) Class B and Possession of a Controlled Substance Class C (Xanax) – both subsequent offenses. XXXXX was not arrested, however, I advised him that I would file a criminal complaint against him.


Respectfully submitted,




Det. Guerdy Legros #280

Somerville Police Dept.

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