Candidate for Mayor of Somerville Payton Corbett

“As mayor, it’s your duty to stand with the people who live in the city”

Payton and Jenny Corbett


Vote for Payton Corbett Mayor of Somerville September 19, 2017 (Preliminary)


Payton Corbett is an elected officer of Teamsters Local 122 in Boston where he serves as a Trustee on their Executive Board. He is also a shop steward in his workplace as well as a long-time union and community activist. Payton has been a union member his entire adult life, having joined the Teamsters at 20 years old. He understood early on the power that ordinary working people have when they stand together and use their collective voice to fight for justice.


In 2015, Payton played a key role in negotiations between Teamsters Local 122 and Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s largest brewer. Through the strength and solidarity of the members as well as the negotiating team’s hard work, the union secured a five-year collective bargaining agreement that is one of the best in the country for that industry. Payton’s education and experiences in the labor movement taught him the importance of bringing the shop floor politics taught in the union out into the community. Wanting to bring about change in Somerville, Payton decided to take the same dedication he has for his union and apply it to his city by running for mayor.


Payton is a decade-long resident of Ward One where he lives with his wife, Jenny. They are proud to be a full union household as Jenny is a member of the Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers (HUCTW). Payton will be a strong voice for working people and an advocate for good jobs in Somerville. He has already pledged not to take money from developers or corporate special interests. As a Teamster leader and community activist, Payton understands the issues working class families face in the city. He will be a mayor of, by, and for the people of Somerville!



11 thoughts on “Candidate for Mayor of Somerville Payton Corbett”

  1. Payton is true to his word he can look you in the eye and tell you the truth I have known Payton for 15 years and he is the real deal VOTING for Payton is voting for your future and the future of Somerville Dan Flanagan proud supporter of Payton Corbett

  2. Just remember your ABC’s at election time_ANYBODY BUT CURTATONE. Curtatone is a nasty person and a phony baloney. Vote out “Phony Baloney Curtatone” and maybe Somerville will survive.

  3. Is there any truth to the statement that he is running only as a straw candidate?

    1. No Payton is the real deal. He will do a lot of good for the citizens of Somerville.

      1. As a former member of a club that he serves on as a member of the house committee, he always sticks with the crowd an is unable to think for himself and has proven he does not have the best interest of ALL when making decisions!

  4. Thank you for running against Joe. We need a man for the people and not their own agenda! I’ve been forced out of mass due to heart desease and depression! Somerville was a great place to live.

  5. Where did you go to school, any children in our school system. What is your background politically? Need to tell Somerville more about yourself.

    1. Payton is a regular but smart guy. I grew up in Somerville and know he would be a huge improvement from the current mayor. There isn’t much to say about him except he is a hard worker and helps everyone he meets.

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