Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Kerby CETOUTE (Shoplifting, Malden Warrent)Somerville Super Stop & Shop

On 06/13/2017, I, Officer Christopher Collette was assigned to Somerville marked unit East Four. At approximately 12:19 hours, I was dispatched to Stop and Shop at 775 McGrath Highway for a shoplifting where the suspect was still on scene. Officer Brioso was dispatched as well. Upon arrival, I spoke with XXXXX, a loss prevention employee for the store. He stated that he observed the suspect conceal a box of condoms inside his shorts. The suspect then loitered around the area near one of the exit doors. He then made his way to the store’s exit, and did so along a path that took him past all points of purchase. XXXXX stopped the suspect at the exit door. The suspect began to provide XXXXX with MA License YYYYY, but then took the license back and stated that the license was his brother’s. This license belongs to a ZZZZZ and has been seized. He then told XXXXX that his name was AAAAA with a DOB of XX/XX/XX. The suspect provided me with the same information, and admitted to concealing the box of condoms. I found an RMV record for a AAAAA with a DOB of XX/XX/XX, however the male pictured in the photo, did not appear to be the suspect.

        A search incident to arrest was conducted. No further identification was found. Several blank checks were recovered from the suspect’s backpack. The suspect was placed under arrest for shoplifting by concealing merchandise 266/30A/D. The total value of stolen goods was $19.99. During booking the suspect advised Lt. Sheehan that his name was Kerby Cetoute. It was found that Mr. Cetoute had an outstanding warrant for his arrest for the charges of assault and battery and malicious damage to a motor vehicle. XXXXX has provided a dvd of the surveillance footage. This will be logged into evidence. The blank checks, and MA ID will also be logged into property for further investigation.


        Respectfully submitted,


            Patrolman Christopher Collette, B#302

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