Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Brian KOBS (Larceny, Resisting Arrest, Threats)

On June 11, 2017, I, Officer Tim Van Nostrand, was on duty and assigned to uniform patrol in marked cruiser East 1. At approximately 6:16pm, I was dispatched, along with Officer Chris Collette (East 4) to Stop & Shop located at 775 McGrath Highway for a shoplifter. The reporting party, XXXXX, stated he was chasing a shoplifter through the parking lot toward Broadway. Witnesses on Broadway pointed us to Arlington St where a male had ran. The suspect we were looking for was a white male, wearing a gray shirt and black shorts. Witnesses stated to Officer Chris Collette the suspect had removed the gray shirt and was now carrying it.


        I proceeded down Arlington St and located a male matching the description in the driveway across from 14 Arlington St. I exited my marked police cruiser, and ordered the male to stop. The male then took off running across Arlington St. I quickly was able to apprehend the suspect, however he spun around quickly and I observed his right hand to be clenched. Due to the individual ignoring my verbal commands, and fearing an imminent assault, I struck the male with a closed fist. I was able to take the suspect to the ground where he continued to resist my attempt to place him into handcuffs. The suspect then began struggling in an attempt to strike me with an elbow. I retrieved my department issued pepper spray and issued a one second burst to his face. At this time I was able to transmit my location to responding units, and Officer Collette assisted me with taking the suspect into custody.


        The suspect identified himself as Brian Kobs. Kobs was the subject of a larceny arrest in November (#16072920). XXXXX stated he recognized Kobs from the prior incident, and watched him, via surveillance cameras, utilize a reusable bag to conceal numerous health and beauty products. Footage then shows Kobs exit the store at a fast pace. XXXXX identifies himself in the parking lot, and Kobs begins to flee by running through the parking lot and out to Broadway.


        Kobs was transported by Cataldo Ambulance to Somerville Hospital due to injuries he received while resisting arrest. While at the hospital, Kobs made numerous threats to shoot and kill me and members of my family. At one point I was able to record a video of Kobs making these threats. Kobs stated he has ten years hanging over his head, and has nothing to lose by killing a police officer. The video has been attached to this report, per request of Kobs (as seen in video). While at the hospital, Kobs continued a racially charged rant and insults to many of the individuals present. While Kobs called me a “wetback spic swine” and “nigger” he began to destroy hospital property. Cambridge Health Alliance security was advised to contact our department regarding final damages, and Kobs would be charged accordingly.


        The receipt, video evidence, and statement by loss prevention associate XXXXX will be entered into evidence. Kobs will be booked upon medical clearance and charged with Larceny Over $250 (266/30), Resisting Arrest (268/32B), Witness Intimidation (268/13), and Threat to Commit a Crime (275/2). Kobs was also advised he was trespassed from Stop & Shop.


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Tim Van Nostrand


Somerville Police Dept.

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