Letter to the Editor:Cut The Crap Stan Koty Do Your Gravy Jobs During The Work Week

Dear Somerville News Weekly Speak Up Line,

The city DPW arrived at 6:30 this Saturday morning to start digging up a sidewalk (SPD later left a voicemail stating their claim the sidewalk was unsafe). I saw the sidewalk myself and do not believe that is true however no one bothered to shared the details.
The fact is, they brought 6-7 guys out here on a Saturday with jackhammers and no police detail waking up the neighborhood’s and getting overtime for something that could have been done during the week when most of us are busy at our day jobs not sound asleep trying to enjoy peace and quite on a much deserved Saturday and Sunday which should be free of city trucks and jackhammers
I called the cops and that’s why you see the cruiser in the photo. It was after the fact. I walked over to try to talk to someone and had to wave over a young kid in a yellow vest (looks like something cops wear on detail — with a dark cap –clever), and when I asked what they were doing, he snarled, “You have to talk to the foreman”, which was knee deep in jackhammer duty.
So can you — tell Stan Koty ( or I will gladly call Monday morning since he already knows me as the woman who complains about our faulty sewer line on Claremon and Mead, asked me to meet with him, this was last summer).
Or– do a story on why contractor’s and city employees should not be working on weekends unless there is no disruption to residents unless it’s an emergency.
I guarantee the sidewalk on Mead which I can see from my bedroom window was not a hazard. If it was, it’s been like that for a long time. And why are they out here on a Saturday when it’s over time. Don’t us taxpayers deserve a break from these wasteful tax spending endeavors? 
Thank you and have a great weekend 

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