Letter to the Editor:From Deanna Cremin’s Mom to the Public on Deanna ‘s Unsolved Murder

I received this letter about 3 years ago. It is even more insane now that we have lost Christine also. Everything is extremely painfully difficult. We will never adjust and I know it. From the time I was 16 I have lived with legal injustice and I don’t get it. We are good and kind people. This is so precise, so now I am sharing it. Because I am crying my eyes out. We, my family, my daughters. and their brothers deserve answers. Tell me something otherwise and I will listen and try to understand. This is “out of left field”as they say about other murders in Middlesex County.  
It is from someone who was objective and attentive. I don’t know I hope this just gets read by the officials who made their chosen profession to bring justice to every citizen who has been harmed, or as in this case murdered as Deanna was. There needs to be proof that Thomas xxxxxxxx could be exonerated as so many other persons of interest have been. 
I will start it here.
“How do you know Tommy?”
Well, I don’t know him personally, but a good friend met the guy and became friends with him. It wasn’t known initially that he was Tommy xxxxxxx, but right away everybody who met him said he was creepy, that something wasn’t right about him and that he was bad news. He immediately started showing signs of obsessive behavior and eventually admitted to my friend that his real name was Tommy xxxxxxx. Due to the creepy and sketchy mannerisms, we did a google search on the name and immediately found that he was linked to the murder of your daughter. Things began to make sense, why he was sketchy, why he lied about his real name, how he was familiar with Somerville, etc. The obsessive behavoir continued and after reading a post you wrote about how you suspected your daughter intended to break up with him and you think he killed her over it (accidental or not, it’s still criminal) and seemed completely fitting of the behaviors and situation as I understand it. Again, I have no direct evidence, no admission or anything like that, but here’s my take on it: – Tommy IS clearly an obsessive person who doesn’t take “no” for an answer. Fact. – His mother took out a restraining order on him citing “violent mood swings”. Fact. – The forensic evidence in Deanna’s case found a single hair of unknown origin. Fact. – Tommy did not participate in finding the killer, plead the 5th and didn’t reach out to your family. Fact.

So examining the facts, let’s consider the following circumstantials: – Random killings/attacks are rare and murder is usually not the result of random rapists. – The spouse or lover is almost always the guilty party in a homicide (outside of serial lunatic killers) – There was NO forensic evidence except 1 random hair (easy enough to pick up 1 random hair anywhere)??? It’s virtually IMPOSSIBLE to commit such a violent and vicious crime without a shred of physical evidence.. And usually there’s a great deal of it. This alone seriously implicates Tommy as far as I’m concerned. – It took place a block from home? Yet nobody saw or heard anything? In a random attack, victims would definitely scream, fight etc. Loudly. A fight. Between bf and gf might be kept low key, in an attempt to “keep it between us” sort of thing… Hence no loud screaming until it’s too late. A random person wouldn’t be able to get close enough to stifle yelling in such a situation where a known person would definitely have such an opportunity. – strangulation is a very personal act.. It takes time and the killer is looking the victim in the face the whole time… Random acts usually involve a rope, but bare hands is intimate… Again, usually one has to know the victim to commit such an act… – Rape is an act of power, a gf about to or just breaking up with a guy against their will is easily a situation where the bf might see rape as a way to take back power in the releationship — a “if I can’t have you I’ll at least spoil you for the next guy” sort of thing possibly… – he doesn’t participate in “finding the killer”??? That’s highly suspect. If I were in that situation and innocent, I would be quite forthcoming, active and incessent (knowing that as the last person to see them, I’d be suspect, I’d want to make damn sure I was visibly seen as cooperative and more upset than anyone else..). (More on this shortly…) – even if it were a mob killing and I was scared of the mob, I’d be damn sure I was visibly upset and wouldn’t shy away from mourning and reaching out to the family… Why didn’t he?? That’s just not the way an innocent man acts… Plus, really, what would the mob have against a 17 year old girl that would cause them to risk themselves like that… It’s. Ridiculous…

So as far as I’m concerned, there’s no chance it was anybody but Tommy. I can’t prove it, but I don’t doubt it.

My friend even directly asked the guy if he did it. A reasonable question. He just got upset and said nothing. There was no explanation, no protesting of innocence, nothing. That’s b.s. And sketchy. After the time that has passed and years of reflection he doesn’t even have an explanation for his suspicious behavior??? I don’t buy it.

I contacted you because it appeared that Tommy was “unable to be located” and I wanted to help in any way I could. I would think that today’s forensic tech should be able to confirm or reject him as the killer. If it were me, I’d want to be vindicated, but if he’s the killer, obviously he would not want to be. Found… He acts a lot more like the guilty man than the innocent one, even today.

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