Concern Over Stalled Developments in Somerville:Where Are All Our Tax Base Dollars Going?


By William Tauro 

Did you ever wonder why there are so many stalled developments all around Somerville? Do you notice the many emplty lots and temporary fencing around dirty vacated lots and buildings in the city that are attracting drug dealers and drug users to the empty parcels of land.  

Are they being held victim of municipal stall tactics to undermine and discourage the property owners and their developers for any certain political or undisclosed reasons?
Should a Federal review board should be assembled and put into place to check for any signs of any wrongdoing?

Where are all the well needed
affordable housing units that could be built in the city? Why aren’t more business is being built in Somerville? Why do builders and contractors have to jump through hurdles and beg for a building permits that will take over a year to get as it is? 

What is the answer to the magic $64,000 question “Why haven’t these properties been developed yet?”

With these types of primitive self-inflicted political municipal stalled tactics it puts the brakes on economic growth that a city like Somerville depends on everyday on a day to day basis. 
Well here’s a short photo tour through the city of Somerville of stall developments. If you seriously give this some thought, do you really think that a property owner and/or a developer wants the property to be vacant all the while they are continuously paying property taxes, paying a mortgage and all the good stuff that goes with that? 
Don’t you think for a little bit that’s kind of odd that these property owners have to reach into their own pocket for several years to pay their bills on these vacant parcels of land that they rightfully own own they possibly sweat blood for that remains a constant eyesore and numerous drug deal locations in the city? 
Could it be a stall tactic to financially ruin a property owner or developer to wait until they run out of money before someone else can just walk in and take over a development project?

Do you think its right that developments in the city should be stalled losing all kinds of major tax revenue? Is it because a mayor says so or is it at the discretion of maybe potential henchmen who can in a moments time put stall tactics in place in a planning and development department controlled by a political puppeteer? We don’t have all those answers, but maybe we haven’t have a good idea what’s happening though. Could we have more room for improvement in the development mechanism systems in Somerville? Of course there could be, only if you open your eyes and take a closer look into the political machine in Somerville that makes everything move. 

6 thoughts on “Concern Over Stalled Developments in Somerville:Where Are All Our Tax Base Dollars Going?”

  1. I know why !!!! I had to deal with this city and ISD, stalling the tearing down and rebuilding of my new home, born and raised here all my life, and treated like a piece of crap by those creatures down at ISD they just make it so hard you cant even imagine until you have been through it. I can go on and on about this!! but something definitely needs to be done about this, I wasn’t a big developer and didn’t have money to slip to them and that was probably part of the reason for the treatment and the stalling! we had to look at our eyesore for a year while waiting for them to decide whether we or my contractors were worthy enough to do this project in the city of Somerville. had I not had a very good friend, jump in and speak up for me, and push this along, and our Alderman I would still be waiting for my demo permit.. If I ever have to deal with them again to rehab or demo one of my other family properties, I probably would just sell and move on, it isn’t worth dealing with these morons!!

  2. im sick of seeing all these eyesores mostly star any longer the roof

    will cave in or it will collapse im surpriesed homeless havent broken in and slept there nothing we can do thats it

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