Reality Bites by James A. Norton

You know you’ve had enough with asshats when…

Ok, the titles to my columns are sometimes a little risque. Or obtuse. I get that. Typically they have only a peripheral relationship to the column itself. Sometimes they’re just a bit of whimsy for me to piss off whomever I know will get the dig. Whatever your poison, if you’re not a fan, you probably think it’s crass or some variation of nonsensical drivel.


Every six months or so, I go back and flip through my columns. I have every single one of them. I like reading them and getting a sense of how long I have been banging the gong about certain issues. A good chunk of my columns are in this paper, a whole bunch in the previous paper and you have that little stack that were here and there peppered with ones outside of the realm of Somerville. Yes, there is life beyond the neck so to speak, although talk to a few local yocals and you’d never even know they left the 60’s. God bless their ignorant hearts.


Of course, some chucklehead will probably blather on that I called the entire city “ignorant” like that one time when I said certain people were stupid or something and somehow it morphed into me calling the whole city stupid. Nope, just that chucklehead and a few hangers-on. I’m happy to report that the same dude is still a chucklehead. And stupid.


Hey speaking of stupid… I mentioned a while back how this city, for years and years now, has ignored issues, diverted attention away from serious problems and played shell games with the general population/citizenry of the city. How it really is about time to take down that stupid banner on City Hall, maybe address the whole “not really, technically, kinda/sorta a Sanctuary City still” issue and instead of working overtime to become the most ultra liberal haven for nutbags, maybe start bringing core stakeholders together instead of further dividing them.


It was like a cricket festival. Not shocking. The level of stupidity that is now oozing from 93 Highland Avenue will eventually reach critical mass, and I personally can’t wait to see how it shakes out. I have said it before and here I go again – there is nothing more insulting than when you have to deal with people who are equal parts ignorant and arrogant. So instead of us being all pouty about bringing up serious issues and then feeling all ignored and just kinda letting it go for another day, we have decided to do something about it and see just how much you can “poke the bear” before something happens.


There’s no shot at us, no matter how “free speechy” they claim to be at SCAT, getting some air time on local cable to produce a TV show of our own, so we are going to do a Somerville News Weekly podcast and simulcast it on our YouTube channel. Yeah, we got one of those. Have a nice new podcasting system too – not just sitting in my livingroom having a beer and shooting the shit. It’s going to be all stumbly and shit in the beginning, but it’s supposed to be. You come across too polished and you look like an asshat. Nobody wants to look like an asshat. Or a chucklehead.


We have been talking about this for years and years. Well, the time has come – details to follow in the next week or so. We have been chomping at the bit for this – we will even invite asshats like that chucklehead I mentioned earlier to call in to our podcast – just not that particular chucklehead, because, he’s one of those rip roaring assholes that nobody wants to hear from. Or read. Or watch.


Don’t be that rip roaring asshole. #GMK #GTBTP #dummy

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