Letter To the Editor:The Rise and Fall of Mayor Joe

Dear Somerville Speak Up Line,

I hope you found our information to be true and on point regarding how Mayor Joe was going to deceive the city by tossing his old sidekick Omar into the political ring of Ward 4 candidates. We also hope that you enjoyed our little video of the City over Revere’s hearing of sidekick Omar and how he was trying to deceive the people of Revere by pretending to be looking for a home to purchase in Revere to retain his job as chief of staff for the mayor of Revere. But at the same time Omar was purposely trying to deceive the people of Somerville by planning on tossing his name in the ring for Ward 4 Alderman. Shame on him and shame on Mayor Joe for provoking and escalating the situation knowing all the time Omar’s residential status especially where Omar lives in Joe’s sister Maria’s home as a tenant only in this city. But bad Karma has taken care of that and exposed it for all to see!
In the next coming few weeks we will provide you with much more substantial evidence that will knock your socks off.  

You will receive proof on how good old Mayor Joe with the help of a former Alderman has steered and scared away potential developers in seven different development property locations within the city including the vacant old Star Market property on Broadway as well as evidence of collusion with the old Sunoco Gas Station on McGrath Highway at Highland Avenue as well as the stalled development of Cobble Hill.  
We will also in the weeks to come provide a clear understanding of documented circumstantial evidence on how many local contracts were improvised and altered by our good mayor.  
Also just to shed some light on a surprising but maybe not so surprising and somewhat troubling story regarding your local trusted official’s unethical involvement  that has surfaced in the Ville that we’re monitoring and keeping a very close eye on! 
The names of the players will shock you or maybe they won’t? As a journalist we would hope that you will stand by your obligation to report on this as well as your obligation as a news publisher to cover this story and report the truth to your readers without any coverup. 
And also ad a little extra incentive why you should print this is that we promise you if you do not print it we will give it to the the other two local Somerville news publications for all this breaking news if you feel that you don’t have the backbone to do this, but we know you do. 
So here is a message to your readers to “Don’t hate you guys when the shit hits the fan and all this comes out and reveals the truth!”
So please bare with us as we prepare our message for you to keep you up to speed on it. But unfortunately for now this story is still developing…

We leave you now wIth this straightforward video about Omar asking for a residency waiver in June of 2016.  

The mayor of Revere in this video insisted that he is actively looking for housing but can’t find it in this hot market. The Revere mayor also guaranteed that he would be living in Revere by next June and now It’s April. 
As we also mentioned earlier in this letter of Omar’s current employer, the mayor of Revere in the video pleads with the Revere City Council requesting a temporary residency waiver for Omar’s job for the position of Chief Administrative Officer of Revere and promises that Omar who lives in Somerville will maintain his residency as promised in the city of Revere all while he was planning for a Ward 4Alderman run in Somerville!

Best regards,

The Committee to indict Mayor Joe

Click on link below to see video:

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