Top 5 Comments of the Week on Somerville News Weekly’s Facebook Page RE Article: MORE AFFORDABLE HOUSING NEEDED IN ASSEMBLY SQUARE

1). My 1950’s-1960’s Somerville is now a ‘deep dark secret of the past.’ We may have been poor and hardscrabble, but we loved OUR own ‘Slumerville.’ And we would break all the windows of anyone who said that we had no class! (The nerve). Now I can’t afford to buy the house I grew up in, but I respect all of you for what you have done to MY Town! SHS ’62

2). If you didn’t get a house passed down to you, live with your parents or are on section 8 you can not afford to live and raise a family if you are not making over 125,000.00. So when I did work in the lovely sanctuary city of Somerville and had seen all the diversity in the school systems I must say I’m shocked by all the non English speaking section 8 cases in the city
3). Rumor has it that when a homeowner sells thier home in Somerville a City Ordinance or law, passed by your alderman, takes $6 grand of your hard earned money from the sale to help people renting. 

Hope i am wrong but thats what i am hearing. Funny, most alderman rent and don’t own.
4). I don’t know what you call affordable you can’t touch the rents it cost about one thousand dollar a bedroom
5). Good luck! With the prices over there you need to make 6 figures just to park & walk around.

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