The Somerville News Weekly Special Persons of the Week:Stephen and Debra Higgins

By Frank Santangelo 

Meet this week’s “Special Persons of the Week:Stephen and Debra Higgins

Stephen and Debra Higgins are lifelong Somerville residents whose families have been a part of the fabric of our vibrant community for generations.

Raising a family in the home Stephen grew up in, Steve and Debra have spent time working in various Somerville youth sports programs, as well as in the School system and Special Education Department. Though the biggest contribution they’ve made to the community has been the work done through their charity, The Brian Higgins Foundation.

Founded in 2003 as a way to honor their son, Brian, who had passed due to his special needs condition following an illness at a young age.

The Higgins’ and their foundation have worked tirelessly to help others in the community who face similar hardships to those they had been through. They have been able to greatly improve the quality of life for not only the children in the community who have special needs, but also their families.

The Higgins’ have been able to provide kids with assistive technologies that allow them to communicate with the world around them much easier, or have sent children to summer camps specifically catered to their needs helping provide them with fulfilling experiences, things that may have otherwise been out of reach for families doing all they can for their kids.

They also continually contribute to other great organizations such as the Special Olympics, Make A Wish, and Best Buddies.

All the work done by them over the years, done simply because they care, has been able to help hundreds of special needs children. And the generosity of this great community helps them to accomplish all that they do.

Our hats are off to their true Somerville spirit!

We here at the Somerville News Weekly salute you both for everything that you do to make Somerville a better place. 


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