Reality Bites by James A. Norton:You never know when someone or something will crawl out from under a rock…


Over the years, I have written hundreds of opinion columns. I’ve also written informational columns that were real estate and finance related for work and every once in a blue moon for a trade publication or two. I have, at all times, always maintained that I have my opinions, but, that nobody is more critical of me – than me. You can’t point the finger and call someone out for acting like an asshat if you can’t be humble and point it out when you yourself act like an asshat. That’s why I try not to be an asshat – but that’s another story for another day.


Over the last month, this newspaper has pointed out the flaw in the statement that Somerville is a Sanctuary City and true to form, just as I called it, nobody from the administration has bothered to address it directly to any one of us. Oh sure, they go on television and have interviews and state that Somerville is all about the people and it’s very much a Sanctuary City and “come get me” statements that sound almost as stupid as the “cash me outside” girl.


It’s annoying, sure, but it’s not a surprise. This city, as I have pointed out numerous times, has a long history of ignoring issues, avoid direct answers, causing distractions – claiming one thing, when everything but that one thing is reality. It’s almost boring, which I would think is desirable by product when you want to ignore an issue and deal with another day.


Like the Black Lives Matter sign. Stupid. Like the way past expiration date sewer system. Crazy. Like Somerville is not a Sanctuary City. Proven fact, but hey – don’t worry, come and get me or better yet, cash me outside. See how similarly stupid those two statements are?


Look, we get it, Somerville wants to be a Sanctuary City. Hooray. Well, it’s not. The Mayor who signed the resolution oh so many years ago has come out and said exactly that. So why not have an open discussion? Could it be that it might not have the overwhelming support someone/some groups think it does? Who knows…all I know is that it’s business as usual up at City Hall. Ignore the issue, or better yet go around to someone else who will give me an interview so I can spout off about how all of Somerville is united on this issue.


Guess what – it isn’t. Deal with it. Oh but wait…maybe Somerville should follow the pack and call for the impeachment of the President. Because that’s so much smarter than cash me outside, how bout dat. Just wait, that’s the next little piece of insanity about to hit a press conference or bullshit rally coming to our neighborhood soon. Please stop the usual antics, before it’s too late. #gmk #gtbtp


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