Deanna Cremin’s Mother’s Desperate Plea To The Person Last Known To See Her Daughter Alive

Photo courtesy of Friends of Deanna Cremin

By William Tauro

Message from Deanna Cremin’s Mom to Tommy Leblanc:


Dear Tommy, 

Today, on the 22nd anniversary of my daughter Deanna’s death I’m still haunted by questions. For that reason, I’m begging you to please reach out the Mass State Police and be kind enough to offer to be re-interviewed. I’m well aware of how painful it is for you to go back down this road, but I’m pleading with you to help me, help Deanna. You were the last one to spend time with her that night, nobody can help her case like you can. Please Tommy, please help. Please reach out to the MSP Chief of Homicide 781-897-8300. 



On the 22nd anniversary of her daughter’s unsolved murder, Katherine Cremin, Deanna Cremin’s mother makes a desperate plea to the person last known to see her daughter alive. 
“This is a big step for Katherine” sources close to the family tell. “She’s always been afraid to point out his lack of cooperation.”

A Message From Friends of Deanna Cremin

For 22 years Kathy, alongside Deanna’s friends, family and community have been fighting for justice. However, one person in particular has been silent. Thomas Leblanc, Deanna’s boyfriend and the last person to see her alive, has yet to be heard from or seen. Kathy is pleading with him for his help.
Though Kathy remains hopeful, she is growing tired. Which brings us to this message to you, the Media. Please help this grieving mother get this message to the one person who may be able to help solve this case. 


Friends of Deanna Cremin

9 thoughts on “Deanna Cremin’s Mother’s Desperate Plea To The Person Last Known To See Her Daughter Alive”

  1. I Believe with Everything I’ve read…..there is a MASSIVE Cover-Up in this Case. There are people out there, Mrs Cremin, that are in very high places, acting as though they are behind you. When in fact, they are the people who have been working behind the scenes, to keep Deanna & your family, from receiving Justice after all these years….how do these individuals sleep at night? It’s absolutely abhorrent!!!!

  2. Try Canada I bet he is hiding there that piece of shit. And shame on his mother and family for covering his nasty ass . Go get him Cremins family

  3. Try Canada I bet he is hiding there that piece of shit. And shame on his mother and family for covering his nasty ass . Go get him Cremins family

  4. I pray everyday that Deanna’s murderer will be found.
    Knowing that Tommy LeBlanc hasn’t been seen or heard from in all these years isn’t helping the investigation. If someone has nothing to hide, they don’t go missing for 22 years. We all went to high school together, everyone else has kept in touch all these years… Tommy, it’s been 22 years since she walked the halls of SHS, 22 years of silence in that infectious laughter, 22 years of not seeing that contagious smile, 22 years since all that potential was taken away from a world that needed it so much… 😔
    Love and prayers to Deanna’s friends and family, to Katherine and to the recently departed Christine.
    It’s never too late to do the right thing. Clear your conscience, come forward. 🍀

  5. Mrs, Cremin you know deep in your heart who is responsible for Deanna death. A day will come when you will finally have the answer you’ve been looking for. I pray for you and your family and I hope this day comes sooner rather than later. God. Bless Rich Cabral BUPD.

  6. Wow what a coward n punk.
    The police n detectives really need to revisit this cold case especially seeing as far as forensics n what not have come in 22 years DNA etc.!
    They need to find this coward requestion him, and very #suspect he just runs away. I mean I do believe in innocent before proven guilty however in this case, Way to many red flags GOD BLESS THIS BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADIES MOM, AND FAMILY N FRIENDS. I I WILL PRAY FOR YOU AND JUSTICE! 💕💕😪😪😪

  7. My prayers are with Deanna and her family.
    Many times a fresh set of eyes are needed after an extended period of time.
    Please contact Mr John Healy of The New Hampshire League of Private Investigators.
    The man is the definition of the highest standard.
    We can never tell enough people enough times in a single day about Deanna to keep the investigation moving forward.

  8. I really feel for katherine Cremin. This is so heartbreaking. She lost her 17yr old daughter to murder . Shes has No answers, nothing. I can imagine this haunting her everyday for 22yrs now, to not kno exactly what happen to Deanna. I think the police should “FIND and MAKE” Tommy answer more questions… Do a lie detector. Somthing!! I just cant believe the police in 1995 just let him go. He was last known person with Deanna an only walked her half way.. Now Tommys nowhere to be found. He picked up an ran like the coward monster he is!! Tommy knows somthing… This just isnt rite to Deanna, her mother her family an friends an her neighborhood.. We will never forget Deanna an we Will never give up no matter what.. 🍀RIP DC🍀

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