Blessing Boxes Arrive In Somerville To Help Out


By William Tauro 

Bringing blessing boxes to Somerville was the brainchild of Somerville’s Frank Santangelo who saw a segment on the news where a helpful citizen who wanted to do a good deed for his community and placed blessing boxes out to distribute needed items for the needy. 
The good citizen placed a blessing box in a Texas town where they filled it with canned goods, nonperishable foods and hygiene items for the homeless or anyone down on their luck. 

Santangelo said “The idea of a blessing box is that the people donate items and the less fortune take items as needed.  

So Santangelo tossed the idea around for a short while and put his plan into action. 
Santangelo put together and delivered the first two Somerville Blessing boxes this past Saturday morning and put them in place. One box has been placed in Statue park in Davis Square and the other one in Union Square Plaza that’s located in Union Square. 

Santangelo hopes that “People will do the right thing and help when they can and take only what they need.” He also stated that “This could be a good thing and I don’t care about dishonest or greedy people taking too much. Because if they take all the food and items, then obviously they needed it!”

The Somerville Blessing Boxes were donated by The Somerville News Weekly who also applied for permits to legally keep them on the streets. 

History of The Blessing Boxes:
Living With Graditude
For 60 years, the women of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) have had a special way to express their gratitude to God for the blessings they have received – the Blessing Box. The Blessing Box was created in 1953, the result of a dream of the women who founded Christian Women’s Fellowship. Jessie Trout, who was CWF’s co-founder and first executive secretary, developed the idea as an over – and – above way to help fund the wider mission of the church. Since that time, Blessing Boxes have been kept in the homes and offices of women across the church to enable them to express their gratitude for everyday blessings by giving to others. In 2013, the Blessing Bag was introduced as part of this practice.

Thanks is given for a sunny day, a birth, a reconciling experience, a welcome phone call, a child’s smile, a beautiful snow fall, a flower in full bloom, relief from pain, a good book, a safe journey, and many other things. It is a way of saying “Thank you God, for your world and especially for people.”
For those who participate, it is a spiritual discipline even more than a financial one. It helps keep a focus on gratitude to God and on the responsibility to share blessings with others. The foods and well the needed supplies that you put in may be a few, a full bag or more. The amount is not nearly as important as the discipline of regularly remembering God’s goodness through the acts of dropping in coins and praying prayers of thanksgiving.
For more information or questions about how you can help please contact Frank Santangelo

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  1. That’s wonderful! I can’t wait to drop off some things for those who need them! Great job, Mr. Santangelo!

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