Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Derrik PANNESI (Firearm – Large Capacity, Firearm, PWID A, PWID B)


The following is a brief summary pertaining to Incident #17010508:


Members of the Somerville Police Department Drug Control Unit initiated a drug investigation of Mr. Derrik Pannesi and his alleged role in the ongoing distribution of Heroin. The alleged distribution occurs from Mr. Pannesi’s vehicle which is sometimes located at a residence we know Mr. Pannesi to be living at. This residence is located at 82 Oxford Street #1, Somerville, MA 02143.


At the conclusion of this drug investigation, a search warrant application was requested by me on Friday, February 17, 2017. This search warrant (1710-SW-0011) was granted by the court authorizing the search of the following:


#1- The vehicle, a 2014 gray Chevrolet Impala bearing Massachusetts registration XXXXX (search warrant docket # 1710-SW-0011).

#2- The person of Derrik Pannesi, date of birth 7/6/1994 (search warrant docket # 1710-SW-0011).


On February 18, 2017, Members of the Somerville Police Drug Control Unit established surveillance at the residence of 82 Oxford Street in which we knew Mr. Pannesi to be residing. These members included Sergeant Dan Rego, along with Detectives Costa, Legros, Goncalves, McNally and I. Somerville Police Gang Unit Sergeant Michael Capasso, along with Detective Slattery also assisted in the search warrant execution. The gray Chevy Impala bearing Massachusetts registration XXXXX was parked at the intersection of Central Street and Oxford Street, approximately five houses away from 82 Oxford St. At approximately 9:20 A.M., observations were made of Mr. Pannesi and YYYYY, the resident of 82 Oxford Street #1 exiting 82 Oxford Street, left side door. Both parties walked to the intersection of Central Street where Mr. Pannesi entered the driver’s side door of the gray Chevy Impala. YYYYY was standing outside the passenger side of the vehicle and appeared to be waiting for Pannesi to move the vehicle as he was not able to gain access due to the snow banks on the street. Mr. Pannesi started the vehicle and appeared to place the vehicle in gear. At this time Detective McNally along with Sergeant Rego, utilizing a black Ford Explorer equipped with emergency blue lights and siren, initiated a felony motor vehicle stop, before the gray Chevy could leave this area. The reason for the felony motor vehicle stop was due to information received from a reliable confidential informant as well as observations/intelligence from other police departments that Mr. Pannesi may be in possession of a firearm. Other Detectives utilized their unmarked police cruisers as to not allow Pannesi to flee the area.  


During the course of the search warrant execution, Mr. Pannesi was found to be in possession of an amount of heroin in which he was subsequently arrested for. Also, Mr. Pannesi had $1,600 in US currency on his person, along with three cellular phones. Detectives spent numerous hours at the residence of 82 Oxford Street. During observations of this residence, detectives observed Mr. Pannesi coming to or from this residence multiple times. During some of these encounters, Mr. Pannesi appeared to make quick stops utilizing the gray Chevy Impala which were consistent with how street level drug transactions are sometimes made. For instance, Mr. Pannesi was seen entering a dwelling for approximately two minutes and quickly exiting without observing any items in his hands. These quick trips were conducted either coming from or to the residence of 82 Oxford Street #1.  


I would note that during the motor vehicle stop, Mr. Pannesi and YYYYY were read their rights pursuant to Miranda from a card I keep on my person. Both parties stated that they understood. During a conversation with YYYYY, he stated that Mr. Pannesi has been staying at his residence at 82 Oxford Street #1 for approximately one month. Mr. Pannesi stated that he had just been coming from YYYYY house. While securing the residence at 82 Oxford Street #1, in anticipation of applying for a search warrant, Mr. Pannesi’s longtime girlfriend and two children were located in the residence. I asked Mr. Pannesi’s girlfriend, identified as ZZZZZ, how long she had been staying at the residence. ZZZZZ stated that she was unsure but that it was not a long time. ZZZZZ took her two young children from the home and to the residence of Mr. Pannesi’s mother in Medford, MA. ZZZZZ two children are six and three. I would also note that while securing the residence, the older child was in the bedroom of Mr. Pannesi alone, while ZZZZZ and the younger child were in the bathroom. I asked ZZZZZ if there were any weapons inside the bedroom that would be unsafe for her children. ZZZZZ began to stutter and stated she didn’t know.  


Subsequent to Mr. Pannesi’s arrest, I applied for another search warrant for the residence of 82 Oxford Street #1, Somerville MA, 02143. This search warrant (1710-SW-0011) was granted by the court authorizing the search of the residence of 82 Oxford Street #1. During a search of 82 Oxford Street, K9 Officer Tim Sullivan along with K9 Lobo did a scent search of the bedroom of Mr. Pannesi. I would like to note that K9 Lobo is a trained expert in scenting explosives and firearms. K9 Lobo alerted to an area of Mr. Pannesi’s bedroom where a safe was found. At this time, Sergeant Rego used keys which were taken from Mr. Pannesi’s person during his arrest and opened the black safe, inside the safe was a dark metallic 32 caliber Savage Arms firearm with a loaded magazine containing 6 rounds of ammo. Also inside this safe was several thousand dollars in cash, a box of glassine baggies, three digital scales, box of baking soda, a passport belonging to Mr. Pannesi, paperwork belonging to Pannesi, and a glass measuring Pyrex bowl with a silver spoon inside. This Pyrex bowl appeared to have a white substance powder which was dried up inside the bowl.


During a continued search of the bedroom an AK-47 style, large capacity weapon along with two empty magazines were found near Mr. Pannesi’s closet. This large capacity weapon was in a laundry bag sitting approximately five feet away from where Mr. Pannesi’s six year old son was sitting when we first entered the residence. Inside this laundry bag were also two large feeding devices which appeared to belong to the AK-47 type firearm. This firearm fires 7.62 x 34 mm rounds. Also inside the bedroom were two glassine baggies filled with a white powdered substance believed to be Cocaine, from my training and experience. I would note that the box of baggies, digital scales, cutting agent (baking soda), large sum of cash, and drugs, are common ingredients for distribution.  


The gray Chevy Impala was towed to Somerville Police Headquarters where a thorough search of the vehicle could be conducted. During this search, MA State Trooper Brian Cooper along with K9 Drako assisted with the search of the vehicle. K9 Drako is a certified drug scent dog. During a scent search of the vehicle, K9 Drako alerted to an area of the vehicle near the driver’s side dashboard as well as center console area. A search was conducted of this area to no avail. Mr. Pannesi was asked for his license to carry or FID card to which he stated he did not have either. I explained to Mr. Pannesi his charges for the weapons as well as improper storage of the firearm. I will be filing a criminal complaint for ZZZZZ for the items found in the bedroom. It is obvious, due to the large amount of women’s clothing and personal items, that ZZZZZ is residing at 82 Oxford Street #1 in the same bedroom. Please see Detective McNally’s supplemental report for all items seized/confiscated during these search warrants.  



Respectfully submitted,





Detective Fernando Cicerone #279

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