Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Jasmine NOILES (Larceny Over – Shoplifting) Saks 5th Ave Assembly Row Somerville


On Monday, February 13, 2017 at approximately 17:40 hours I, Officer Rivera, while in full uniform and working as Alpha 1, was contacted by Saks Fifth Loss Prevention Detective XXXXX for a shoplifter. Officer Schneider, who was working as East 1, arrived as backup.


Once on scene, Officer Schneider and I observed XXXXX, on foot, pursuing a suspect from Canal Street towards Assembly Row. Officer Schneider and I were able to stop the suspect at the intersection of Assembly Row and Foley Street. At this point, Sergeant Monte also arrived. This location is approximately one block away from Saks Fifth, 300 Canal Street. Once apprehended, we were able to identify the suspect as Jasmine Noiles.


XXXXX stated that Ms. Noiles selected several articles of clothing from the display and walked into the fitting where she detached all of the theft detection devices from the clothing. She stated that Ms. Noiles then exited the fitting room with the merchandise, placed the clothing down on a display, and entered the woman’s bathroom where she discarded the theft detection devices. She then stated that Ms. Noiles retrieved the clothing from the display and carried the merchandise outside of the store, passing all points of sale. She stated that once Ms. Noiles was outside of the store and on the sidewalk, she identified herself and requested that Ms. Noiles return all of the unpaid merchandise. At this point, she stated that Ms. Noiles fled with the merchandise towards Assembly Row. She stated that during the pursuit, Ms. Noiles discarded the merchandise by throwing it in a construction area that is located between Canal Street and Foley Street. XXXXX also identified a shirt that was on Ms. Noiles’s person that was also unpaid for.


The merchandise, totaling $579.94, was recovered. I informed Ms. Noiles that she was under arrest for Larceny over $250 and unlawful removal of a theft detection device. An inventory of Ms. Noiles’s property was conducted before entering the transport wagon. A pair of Xuron micro shears and a small amount of a green leafy substance, known to me through my training and experience as Marijuana, was confiscated and logged in as evidence. Ms. Noiles will also be charged with unlawful possession of a theft detection remover.


Ms. Noiles was transported to the station, via 200, by Officer Hartsgrove and booked in the usual manner by the shift commander, Lieutenant Lavey.


A picture of the merchandise, retail receipt, detached theft detection devices, and micro shears will be attached to this report. Video surveillance will be available upon request.


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Joseph Rivera #309

Somerville Police Department


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