Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Savannah SANCHEZ & Frank Roberto (Attempt Crime, Extortion by Threat, Conspiracy) & Shalik JORDAN (same, plus Reckless Operation, Support from Prostitution, Open Container, Fail to Stop)


On Saturday February 18, 2017 at approximately 2055, I Officer Randy Isaacs, along with Officer Pasqualino were dispatched to XX Adrian St for a report of an attempted B and E in progress. While en route, dispatch came over the radio and advised us that there were more than one person attempting to break in. Dispatch also reported there was another call from a resident at YY Adrian St, who reported a suspicious motor vehicle, (MA reg. # XXXXX) that had been outside for some time and kept changing parking locations on the street. Upon arrival, we were met by Sergeant Monte at the intersection of Joseph St and Newton St, who was waiting for us to arrive. After meeting with sergeant Monte, Officer Pasqualino went to the intersection of Adrian St and Marion St, while Sergeant Monte and I went down Adrian St from Joseph St. 
        While in front of XX Adrian St, Officer Pasqualino came over the radio and stated, Sarg. he’s heading towards you at a high rate. At that time, I noticed a gray Volkswagen Jetta heading down Marion St towards me, almost hitting me head on. As I pulled off to the side and activated my emergency lights, the vehicle attempted to go around me and in the process striking a snow bank. Inside the motor vehicle were three individuals, two males and one female. After striking the snow bank, the motor vehicle started to roll backwards. Not knowing the driver was attempting to reverse and get away, sergeant Monte pulled his firearm and asked the driver to place the vehicle in park. At the same time, Officer Pasqualino pulled up behind the motor vehicle and pulled his firearm as well. As I was the closest individual to the motor vehicle, by the driver side window, I had my hand on my firearm and while shining my flashlight in the motor vehicle, asked the driver to put the vehicle in park and turn the motor vehicle off. 


        While sergeant Monte and Officer Pasqualino had their firearms out, I asked the driver to step out of the motor vehicle. While outside the motor vehicle, I conducted a pat down of the driver for weapons, and at the same time try to identify the driver. The driver was identified as Mr. Shalik Jordan. I asked dispatch to check in CJIS to see if Mr. Jordan had any warrants and dispatch stated negative; however, on his BOP there are charges for carrying an illegal firearm. Due to the previous firearm charges on Mr. Jordan’s BOP, I informed Mr. Jordan that he was not under arrest presently; however, he is being placed in handcuffs for officer safety as well as his safety. The other two individuals in the motor vehicle were later identified as Mr. Frank Roberto and Ms. Savannah Sanchez. 


        While at the motor vehicle, Officer Pasqualino stated as he got to Adrian St from Marion St, the suspicious motor vehicle attempted to go around him. Officer Pasqualino then stated as he pulled his cruiser further up to the suspicious motor vehicle, he shouted to the operator approximately four times to stop the vehicle. Officer Pasqualino went on to say that the operator stared at him for a few seconds then put the vehicle in reverse, made a U-turn and accelerated down Adrian St, the wrong way at a high rate of speed. 


        While the three suspects were being detained, sergeant Monte and I went to speak with the victim, later identified as YYYYY. YYYYY informed us that earlier in the day he went on Backpage to get a female to come to his home at XX Adrian St. Based on my experience as a police officer, Backpage is a place where prostitutes solicit Johns. YYYYY went on to say that after he spoke with a female who identified herself as Brandy and they continued texting until she arrived. While hanging out with the female, YYYYY stated that they agreed on him paying her $400.00 for her hanging out and spending time with him. YYYYY then stated that he did not have sex with the female, just got a massage from her and hangout with her the rest of the time.

        YYYYY also stated that while in his apartment with the female, she informed him that the price was now $700.00 because she was there for more than two hours. At that time, YYYYY stated that he told the female that he only had $300.00 in cash on him; however, he could pay her the rest electronically using Vemmo. YYYYY then stated that he paid the female $300.00 in twenty dollar bills. YYYYY went on to say that he attempted to pay the rest of the money; however the female could not get Vemmo set up on her phone and he was unable to pay her. At that time, YYYYY informed the female that he could go to the bank in the morning and get the rest of the money and she could come by and pick it up, to which she agreed. 

        YYYYY went on to say that after they were done hanging out, the female stated that she was waiting for a ride to come pick her up and the two sat in the living room. After the females ride arrived, YYYYY stated that he walked the female out and closed the door behind her and went back into his apartment. YYYYY then stated that a short time after he heard the female back at his door knocking and asking him to open the door. YYYYY stated that because he heard more than one person outside his door, he remained still and did not open the door. After failing to get YYYYY to open the door, a male stated that he needs to open the door and pay him his money or else he is going to kick the door down. YYYYY stated that the male stated that he was going to give him till the count of three before he kicked the door down.  

        YYYYY then stated that after the male counted down from three, he heard kicking on his door and it was at that time that he got scared and called the police to report that someone was trying to get into his apartment. YYYYY also stated that the entire time his door was being kicked he could hear the female’s voice in the hallway. YYYYY also informed us that he is afraid because one of the males outside stated that he is going to come back and get his money. 

        After Speaking with YYYYY, I went to YY Adrian St to speak with the caller who reported the suspicious motor vehicle. The residents at YY Adrian St are identified as ZZZZZ and AAAAA. AAAAA stated that he arrived home at approximately 2030 and noticed a motor vehicle in front of XX Adrian St running with no one inside. After pulling into his driveway and parking, he went inside and continued watching the motor vehicle. A short time later he noticed that the motor vehicle was moved and now parked in front of a driveway down from the house. A short time later he went out to his truck and noticed that the motor vehicle was now parked across the street and a black male walking back and forth on the street with what looks like braids in his hair and wearing a red hat. AAAAA stated that he asked the individual if everything was ok and the individual stated yes, he was only looking for his keys. AAAAA then stated that he took a picture of the motor vehicles license plate and after taking the picture the vehicle drove away down Adrian St, right as the police was arriving. 


        It was at that time that I informed Mr. Jordan, Mr. Roberto, and Ms. Sanchez that all three are under arrest for attempting to commit unarmed burglary. Mr. Jordan, the operator of the motor vehicle is being charged with Attempt to Commit a Crime to wit Unarm Burglary under MGL c266, sec 15; which was more than one hour after sunset, Extortion by Threat of Injury under MGL c265, sec 25, conspiracy under MGL c274, sec 7, Reckless Operation of Motor Vehicle MGL c90, sec 24, and Stop for Police, Fail c90, sec 25. Mr. Roberto is charged with Attempt to Commit a Crime to wit Unarmed Burglary MGL c266, sec 15, which was more than one hour after sunset, Extortion by Threat of Injury MGL c 265, sec 25, and Conspiracy MGL c 274, sec 7. Ms. Sanchez is charged with Attempt to Commit a Crime to wit Attempted Unarm Burglary MGL c266, sec 15, which was more than one hour after sunset, Extortion by Threat of Injury c265, sec 25, and Conspiracy c274, sec 7.


        Mobile detention, Unit 200 was dispatched to transport the three defendants to the Somerville Police Station to be booked by Lieutenant Sheehan. After being read her Miranda Rights by Officer Schneider, Ms. Sanchez was asked where is the $300.00 that she had received from the victim and she stated that she had given it to her boyfriend, Mr. Jordan. While conducting a damage and inventory of the motor vehicle in order to tow it from the scene, an open bottle of Hennessey was located in the front passenger area of the vehicle as well as a red plastic cup with Hennessy in it. Mr. Jordan was then charged additionally with Prostitution, Derive Support From MGL c272, sec 7 and Alcohol From Open Container in Motor Vehicle, drink MGL c90, sec 24i. Two telephones were also ceased and turned into evidence to have a data dump conducted to prove that Ms. Sanchez was texting Mr. Jordan and to retrieve her text messages with the victim.  




Respectfully Submitted


Officer Randy Isaacs


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