Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Curtis JEFTS (MV Violations)

The following is a brief summary of the incident/arrest. It does not contain every minute detail of the incident/arrest. On Jan. 14, 2017, at approx. 12:00 PM, I was performing a Selective Enforcement assignment on Webster Ave. near the intersection of Washington St. I was operating SPD Traffic Unit Tango 2, a subdued Traffic Unit, while in full uniform. My focus of attention was directed to Right Turn Only violators on Somerville Ave proceeding straight onto Webster Ave. I had written approx. 15 citations in the previous 2 hour time frame with respect to this particular violation. At approx. 1:52 PM, I observed a red Mercury Mountaineer, Mass Reg XXXXXX, turn left onto Webster Ave (southerly direction) from Washington St. I took due note that this vehicle did not have an inspection sticker affixed to the windshield. Upon observing this, I signaled for the operator to pull over to his right on Webster Ave adjacent to St. Joseph’s Church (#1 Webster Ave.).


The operator pulled over and I approached the operator/defendant, Curtis A. Jefts of 96 Chestnut St. Everett, Mass. I asked the operator for his license and registration. He produced his license but did not have a valid registration for the vehicle, which was a 1999 Mercury Mountaineer. The last known Mass Reg that was assigned to this vehicle was YYYYY. That registration was CAPR (Canceled Plate Returned) as of 08/24/2012. The last known registered owner of that registration was ZZZZZ of Stoneham, Ma. Mass Reg XXXXX was assigned to a 2004, green, Subaru Legacy and was active as of 01/29/2016. The registered owner of XXXXX is Curtis A. Jefts, the defendant. Mr. Jefts stated to me that he just purchased the 1999 Mercury the previous day from a person in New Hampshire. I asked him if he could produce the necessary documentation for said vehicle purchase. Mr. Jefts produced a State of New Hampshire document that did not show a recent sale to the defendant. The back of the Title was blank. The defendant produced an application for a New Hampshire Certificate of Title that basically was unreadable relative to the specific vehicle info. The defendant produced a Motor Vehicle Purchase agreement that showed the previous owner’s info, ZZZZZ That was dated 6/20/2010. The operator/defendant could not produce any documentation showing that the Mercury Mountaineer was legally registered or insured or that he legally owned said Mercury.


Based upon the above circumstances, I went back to my Cruiser and ran a Query on the operator/defendant’s information through the RMV computer. I received the following response to my Query on the defendant, Curtis A. Jefts: SUS/NRE. Translated, this shows me that the operator/defendant’s right to operate a motor vehicle in the Commonwealth of Mass is currently Suspended and Non-Renewable. The Suspension went into effect on 01/02/2017. Based upon the above stated facts and circumstances, I placed the operator/defendant under arrest for the above charges. He was transported to the Station via Wagon #200, operated by Off. Singh. He was booked and advised of his rights by Lt. W. Rymill. The motor vehicle (Mercury) was towed via Pat’s Towing and the plates were confiscated as a result of the vehicle stop. The defendant was cited with Massachusetts Uniform Citation # R8326447 and R8326448.


Respectfully submitted,



Off. James McNally #80

Somerville Police Dept.

Traffic Unit – Tango 2


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