Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Manuel SHEEHAN (ABDW – Brick)


On January 13, 2017, I, Officer Tim Van Nostrand, was on duty and assigned to uniform patrol in marked cruiser East 1. At approximately 2:30pm, I was traveling eastbound on Pearl St. I observed MA XXXXX pulled to the side of the road, being occupied by Manuel Sheehan. I observed YYYYY enter the passenger side, and then the vehicle continued westbound on Pearl St. Both Sheehan and YYYYY are well known to the Somerville Police Department.


I notified Officer Devin Schneider (East 4) of my observations, and to be on the lookout. Officer Schneider observed the vehicle turn right off Pearl St onto McGrath Highway (Northbound) and then turned right and traveled the wrong way down Everett Ave. Officer Schneider activated his emergency equipment in an attempt to stop the vehicle for driving the wrong way on a one way street. The vehicle continued until it pulled into the driveway of 20 Everett Ave.


I arrived on scene moments later to speak with Sheehan. While speaking with him, I was alerted by Traffic and Parking Control Officer ZZZZZ to an assault the witnessed that involved Sheehan. ZZZZZ states he saw Sheehan and another male engage in a physical confrontation where Sheehan had two bricks in his hands.


A male victim made himself known to us, and identified himself as AAAAA. AAAAA stated he was parked in his vehicle on Everett Ave at the corner of Cross St awaiting the school release to pick up his son. While sitting in his vehicle, a male (later identified as Sheehan) approached his car and struck AAAAA with a closed fist through the open window of the vehicle, striking AAAAA in the chin. Sheehan then accused AAAAA of staring at his mother’s house. AAAAA exited his vehicle, and was struck again by Sheehan. AAAAA then struck Sheehan utilizing a head butt, in self defense. The two exchanged words, and Sheehan walked onto Cross St, while AAAAA returned to his car. Seconds later, Sheehan returned with a brick and struck AAAAA to the left side of his head. Sheehan then fled onto Cross St where he entered his vehicle and fled onto Pearl St.


Sheehan agreed to most of the facts from what the witnesses stated, however he claims he never struck AAAAA, just threatened him with the bricks. Due to the facts noted, Sheehan was placed under arrest (double-locked) for Assault and Battery with a dangerous weapon – to wit brick (265/15A). I spoke with YYYYY who stated Sheehan returned to the car with a brick, but does not know what he did with it. I canvassed the area, and located numerous loose bricks, however I was unable to determine which one was used in the assault.


Sheehan was transported to the station by Officer Singh in unit 200. He was booked in the usual manner by Lt. deOliveira.


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Tim Van Nostrand


Somerville Police Dept.



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