Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Anna ROBERTO (Suspended License & Cambridge Warrant)

On 01/02/2017, I Officer Joseph S. Teves was working in full uniform assigned to the Somerville Police Dept. Traffic Unit. I was conducting selective traffic enforcement at the intersection of Washington Street and Webster Ave. I would like to note that these are both public ways in the City of Somerville. While at my post I observed a motor vehicle bearing Massachusetts registration number XXXXX drive from Somerville Ave. onto Webster Ave. from the right turn only lane.


I signaled for the vehicle in question to pull to the side of the road. Once the vehicle was stopped I approached the operator Anna Roberto. I informed Mrs. Roberto why I had stopped her, and asked for her license and the vehicles registration. Once I received all of the requested documentation I returned to my cruiser and queried the vehicles registration plate as well as Mrs. Roberto’s license number. It was at this time that I discovered that the vehicles registration was expired, and that Mrs. Roberto had a suspended license status as well as a straight warrant out of Cambridge district court, docket number 1152CR000832. Mrs. Roberto was placed into custody and transported back to the Somerville Police station where she was booked on the warrant, as well as the additional charge of operating after suspension by Sgt. Kennelly. Mrs. Roberto was also issued Massachusetts Uniform Criminal citation # R7881027.


Respectfully submitted,

Officer Joseph S. Teves #297


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