Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Jeremy LURIE (Shoplifting) at Home Depot

On Wednesday, December 28, 2016, while on full informed patrol for the Alpha Unit, I was contacted on my work issued cell phone by Home Depot Loss Prevention, XXXXX. XXXXX stated he observed a white male, wearing a blue hoodie with a gun on it and blue jeans, conceal two yellow laser levels in his pants and head for the exit. XXXXX stated the male walked directly past all points of sale and continued to the parking lot. XXXXX stated he attempted to stop the defendant, but the male threatened him and began to run. XXXXX followed at a safe distance and was able to direct me to the area of the defendant.


As I arrived I told the defendant, identified as Jeremy Lurie, to stop. He became very defensive and erratic, stating he didn’t steal anything and he was scared of XXXXX. I told him numerous times to stay at the front of my car and he continued to try and walk away. Officers O’Meara and Catatao arrived as back up. Once Mr. Lurie calmed down, he was able to tell me he had thought about stealing but decided not to. XXXXX stated he saw Mr. Lurie in the bushes around the corner and believes he hid the merchandise. I proceeded to the area with XXXXX and after moving the leaves a bit, we discovered two yellow laser levels, still in the packages.

I returned to Mr. Lurie and placed him in hand cuffs (double locked) and he was transported to the Somerville Police Station by the Transport Wagon (Officer Hartsgrove) and booked per the usual manner by the Commander, Lt. DiGregorio.


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Patrick Canty 306


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