Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Alexander FEDELE (Shoplifting) at Market Basket 

On the evening of Wednesday, November 23, 2016, at 3:39 PM, I was in full uniform, and assigned to the detail at Market Basket. I was approached by the store manager identified as XXXXX who informed me that he observed a white male, wearing a dark jacket, with a black hooded sweat shirt, concealing merchandise in a large sized blue bag.

         I ran outside to stop the suspect. I ordered the suspect, who was later identified at Mr. Alexander FEDELE to stop moving. I immediately placed handcuffs on FEDELE for his safety and mine due to the fact he attempted to run from me. I also advised him that he was not under arrest at this point.

        I brought FEDELE back into Market Basket. I asked him if he was alone or with someone else. FEDELE replied with “what’s in it for me?” I asked the same question again. FEDELE stated that he was with another male named YYYYY but would not provide any other information on this individual. When asked where he met up with “YYYYY”, FEDELE stated Dana Ave in Somerville. FEDELE went on to say that “YYYYY” offered him $30 to steal some lobster and shrimp for him.

        It was at this point I finished my investigation. I took FEDELE into custody. FEDELE was charged with c.266/s30a/t shoplifting $100+ by concealing merchandise. Unit #200 was requested to transport FEDELE to the Somerville Police Station to be booked in the usual manner by the shift commander Sgt. S. Whalen.


Respectfully submitted,

Ofc. Lorenti #322

Somerville Police Department


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