Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Derrick WILSON (Larceny, Fail to Stop, Speeding, Negligent Operation of MV, Conspiracy) At Assemby Row Somerville

On Saturday, November 26th, 2016, I (Officer Devin Schneider), was in full uniform and assigned to marked cruiser 660 while assigned to the Assembly Row unit. The following report is a summary of the events that I witnessed, and the subsequent investigation, as it pertains to incident #16074621:


At around 12:36 pm, I was contacted on my department issued cell phone by Kmart Loss Prevention Officer (LPO) XXXXX. XXXXX informed me that he, along with LPO YYYYY, had witnessed a male and a female push a bag of stolen merchandise out of the store in the cart. At the time of our phone conversation, XXXXX informed me that he was watching the couple via the store’s closed circuit television (CCTV) video surveillance system, as they loaded the merchandise into a brown Mercury Sable located in the side parking lot of Kmart. The registration number on the plate of the Mercury sable could be seen through the CCTV system.


Kmart is located at 77 Middlesex Avenue. At the time of receiving the phone call from XXXXX, I happen to be at TJ Maxx, the retail establishment located right next to Kmart. I exited TJ Maxx and entered my marked cruiser, as XXXXX informed me the vehicle was leaving the parking lot. XXXXX was able to follow the vehicle on the store’s outside pan tilt zoom camera as it left the parking lot, and turned right onto Grand Union Boulevard. Activating my blue lights and siren, I was able to catch up to the suspect’s vehicle at the red light of the intersection of Grand Union Boulevard and Revolution Drive. After the light turned green, the Sable pulled to the right side of the road behind Home Depot.


As I began to exit my cruiser, the Sable took off again up Grand Union Boulevard. I pulled behind the vehicle with my blue lights and siren activated. I updated Somerville dispatchers with my location and situation. At the intersection of Grand Union Boulevard and Mystic Avenue, the Sable was forced to stop momentarily for the traffic stopped at the red light. The traffic opened up just enough for the Sable to pass through, and it turned right onto Mystic Avenue. The Sable accelerated through the solid red light at the intersection of Mystic Avenue and Lombardi Way, making no attempt to stop. As the Sable traveled down Mystic Avenue, it’s speed increased. The posted speed on Mystic Avenue is 30 mph. I observed on my speedometer that I was approaching 70 miles per hour as I travelled behind the vehicle, which was pulling away at what I estimated to be 80 miles per hour. Due to the risk to the public’s safety, I deactivated my blue lights and siren to discontinue the pursuit. Additionally, the street supervisor, Sgt. Michael Capasso, ordered me to discontinue the pursuit. However, I had already discontinued all attempts to apprehend the fleeing suspects.


I followed up with Kmart Loss Prevention and learned the following information:

(The male and the female suspect had entered the store at around 11:38 am. After filling the cart to the top with various items of store merchandise, the exited the store at 11:45, with the female pushing the cart, and ran to the side parking lot where the Mercury Sable was parked. The suspects then re-entered the store at around 12:11 pm. After filling up the cart with store merchandise, they exited the store at around 12:36 pm, making no attempt to pay for the stolen items. The male suspect then operated the vehicle, as the female suspect got in the passenger side front seat.


The merchandise loaded in the cart consisted mostly of various kinds of toys. YYYYY was able to make a rough estimate of the value of the merchandise that can be seen on CCTV footage, totaling $302.84. It is important to note, that only the merchandise sitting towards the top of the cart could be seen via CCTV footage and was accounted for. The majority of the merchandise that was stolen is of unknown value and estimated to be hundreds of dollars more.)


The Brown Mercury Sable was registered to ZZZZZ. After a subsequent investigation, I identified the name of the company as AAAAA. I was able to contact the CEO of AAAAA: BBBBB. After explaining to BBBBB the situation, he was more than cooperative in locating the person assigned to the vehicle. I learned that the person assigned to the vehicle was Derrick Wilson. After sending BBBBB a still picture of the suspect taken from the CCTV footage, BBBBB confirmed that the suspect was in fact: Derrick Wilson.


A short time later, BBBBB contacted me to inform me that Mr. Wilson had contacted the company. Mr. Wilson was alleging that the company car had been stolen from the area of that Mr. Wilson was staying at, CCCCC in Cambridge. I contacted the Cambridge Police Department, and apprised them of the situation. A short time later I was contacted by the Cambridge Police Dept. , who informed that Mr. Wilson had called them in order to report the company Sable stolen.


At around 4:00 pm, I responded to 7 Putnam Gardens, along with Officer Joseph Teves (T-9). Upon arriving, I met with Cambridge Officer Dave Barkhouse (Badge #609), and Officer Les Sullivan (Badge #605), who was standing outside with Mr. Wilson. I immediately recognized Mr. Wilson as the suspect in from the CCTV video footage of the larceny that had occurred at Kmart.


I asked Mr. Wilson where he was at around 12:30 pm and he stated he was in his friend’s apartment at CCCCC. Officer Sullivan informed me that Mr. Wilson had stated that the friend he was staying with was DDDDD. Officer Sullivan showed me an in-house booking photo of DDDDD, that was consistent with the female suspect involved in the Kmart larceny. Additionally, I located a Somerville Police Dept. in-house photograph of DDDDD from a previous shoplifting incident from TJ Maxx, which was consistent with the appearance of DDDDD. Mr. Wilson had a key to the apartment and invited us in to confirm that DDDDD was not present. We entered the apartment and the first thing I noticed was a “build a bear workshop” toy sitting on the coffee table. Mr. Wilson invited us to look around the apartment for DDDDD to confirm his story that she was not present. In a small bedroom at the rear of the apartment was a large pile of toys, still in the packaging. I took a photograph of the toys.


I informed Mr. Wilson that I knew he was the suspect in the larceny that occurred at Kmart, and he was being placed under arrest. I handcuffed Mr. Wilson in a manner consistent with my training, and double locked the handcuffs. I read Mr. Wilson his rights pursuant to Miranda, from a pre-printed card. Mr. Wilson confessed that he had taken a few items from Kmart, including the toy on the coffee table. I recognized two of the other items in the pile of toys as stolen based on my initial view of the CCTV footage, and took possession of them (stuffed red phone pillow, large Barbie doll, build a bear workshop). Those items were subsequently photographed and returned to Kmart.


Mr. Wilson was transported back to the Somerville Police station in prisoner transport unit 200 by Officer Katherine McDaid. At the station, he was booked in the usual manner by the Commanding Officer, Lt. William Rymill. I will be charging Derrick Wilson with the following violations of M.A. General Law:

-Ch. 89 / S. 9: Failure to Stop at a Red Light

-Ch. 90 / S. 18: Speeding in Violation of Posted Limit

-Ch. 90 / S. 24: Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle

-Ch. 90 / S. 25: Failure to Stop for a Police Officer

-Ch. 266 / S. 30: Larceny Over $250

-Ch. 274 / S. 7: Conspiracy to Commit Larceny


I will be seeking a criminal complaint against Mr. Wilson’s accomplice, DDDDD, for violations of the following M.A. General Law:

-Ch. 266 / S. 30: Larceny Over $250

-Ch. 274 / S. 7: Conspiracy to Commit Larceny


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Devin Schneider

Badge #295

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