Reality Bites by James A. Norton


To the people who are “crushed” and won’t recognize Trump as President – you are the problem, not a guy who obviously has the support of enough of the country to get elected. You were bamboozled by the Democratic Party line rhetoric that the sky would fall and everything was at stake. Just stop.

Trump isn’t going to repeal Roe v Wade, he isn’t going to just end health care nationally and wish us all luck, he isn’t going to round people up and deport them. Just stop.

The markets won’t collapse, they always do a little shimmy the day after a Presidential Election. The world won’t ostracize us because we elected an orange colored racist/fascist/demagogue. We already fucked this country up – this guy is going to really try hard to fix it and not just push an agenda.

This country needed someone who wasn’t a political hack, someone who wasn’t a shill for the military machine, someone who wasn’t afraid to say something fucking stupid and then say “oh shit…this is what i meant to say.” We got exactly what we VOTED for – FINALLY – our votes mattered and the machine that has force fed you the welfare state, the sense of entitlement that prevails in the younger generations, the ridiculous foreign policy that has crippled the perception of who we are as a country now – that machine has been exposed for the pimps and hoes that they really are. They showed their teeth and how desperate they were to keep what was theirs – not what is OURS.

So now just stop with the whole the world is going to end bullshit. Grow up, learn some humility, and try to act like regular human beings – because now that we have voted and it has counted – its back to us, everyone, to heal and move forward.

Let’s Make America Great Again. It won’t be just one person, it will be because of us all. #GTBTP


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