Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Dominika PERKINS (ABDW, ABPO, Resisting Arrest, Larceny)

On Thursday, October 13, 2016, I officer David Ruf along with Officer Tim Van Nostrand, were assigned to marked cruiser East-1. At approximately 8:30 P.M. we were dispatched to a larceny at Saks Fifth Avenue.


Upon arriving in the area, dispatched informed us that the loss prevention agent identified as, XXXXX, was following a female suspected of shoplifting, identified as Dominika Perkins, through the TJ Maxx parking lot into the Kmart parking. We located the XXXXX and Ms. Perkins in the parking lot on the side of Kmart. I activated my emergency blue lights and exited my cruiser. Officer Van Nostrand told Ms. Perkins to come here which she declined. I then attempted to place Ms. Perkins into custody and she resisted and said that I cannot arrest her because we were not females. I along with Officer Van Nostrand attempted to take Ms. Perkins into custody again and at that time she kicked me in the groin with her right boot and then punched me with a closed fist in the right shoulder. At this time, Officer Van Nostrand administered a one second burst of department issued pepper spray. After assessing the situation and still being non-compliant Officer Van Nostrand struck Ms. Perkins in the right thigh once with his department issued baton. At this point I guided Ms. Perkins to the ground and placed her into custody. XXXXX retrieved the stolen merchandise which was concealed in Ms. Perkins personal bags.


At this time with Ms. Perkins being in custody, I was able to interview the XXXXX. XXXXX observed Ms. Perkins conceal items in the shoe department and dress department via security cameras. Ms. Perkins exited out to Grand Union Blvd. when XXXXX identified herself and attempted to stop her at which time Ms. Perkins kicked her in the right knee with her right boot. XXXXX suffered bruising and scrapes to her right knee, however declined medical attention. At that point is when XXXXX called the police. The stolen items that were recovered were one pair of tan shoes, one pair of red shoes, one pair of slippers and one black and gold dress that totaled $327.88 dollars.


Ms. Perkins was transported back to the station via Unit 200 by Officer Pavao and was booked by Lt. DeOliveira. Ms. Perkins is being charged with the following;


M.G.L c265 / S15A A&B with Dangerous Weapon 2 counts

M.G.L c265 / S13D A&B on Police officer

M.G.L c268 / S32B Resisting Arrest

M.G.L c266 / S30 Larceny over $250


Respectfully submitted,


Officer David Ruf #334

Somerville Police Department


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