Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Arthur TAVARES (Fail to Stop, Open Container, False Name, Op. MV with License Suspended & Plymouth Warrant)

I, Officer Roger Desrochers, report the following summary of events based on direct and indirect interview with the persons named.


       On Tuesday, October 14, 2016, I, Officer Desrochers, was in full-uniform and assigned to marked cruiser 871, patrolling area E1, for the Somerville Police Department. Riding with me was Officer Pasqualino #271. At approximately 01:22 PM while parked at the corner of Walnut Street at Broadway monitoring the traffic, I witnessed a gray Chevy Equinox drive through a stop sign without attempting to stop. I activated my emergency lights and made a traffic stop on Broadway at Grant Street.


       I approached the driver side window and asked the operator to produce his license and registration. The male operator only had the vehicle’s registration on him. He stated that his name was YYYYY Tavares. I then went back to my cruiser to query the information he had given me. This information came back as his son’s name and DOB. I went back to the vehicle and asked for his real name, at this time I was given XXXXX (DOB XX/XX/XX). This name had no match. At this point my partner Officer Pasqualino noticed an odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the vehicle. An open container of beer was in plain view in the back seat of the vehicle. The operator at this point was ordered out of the vehicle. Once we had him at the back of the vehicle people from across the street came over to talk with him. At this point we used the person to get the operator’s real name, he then told us his name was Arthur P Tavares. Officer Pasqualino then queried Mr. Tavares’s drivers license status to find that it was revoked. I then placed Mr. Tavares in handcuffs and double locked them.


A further check of Mr. Tavares’s query revealed that he had a warrant (0859CR002120) for his arrest. I then searched Mr. Tavares and placed him into the transport vehicle (#200) which was driven by Officer McCarey who transported him to the Somerville Police Station to be booked in the usual manner by Lt. Digregorio.


At Mr. Tavares’s request the vehicle was driven away and parked by a person known to him.



Respectfully submitted,


Officer Roger Desrochers #337



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