Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Bicyclist Arrest  Edward NICOLAU (Bicycle Violation, Bicycle Violator Refuse to Identify Self)

While in uniform and performing traffic control at the corner of Beacon Street and Somerville Avenue, I observed a bicyclist, later identified as Edward Nicolau, proceed on his bicycle through a solid red light at the corner of Mossland Street and Somerville Avenue, both public ways in the City of Somerville. I stepped forward from my position on the bridge and instructed Mr. Nicolau to stop. He took a look at me and kept accelerating up Somerville Avenue.


At an approximate pace of greater than 20 MPH, I finally caught Mr. Nicolau at the intersection of Somerville Avenue and Loring Street. Along the stretch of Somerville Avenue between when I instructed Mr. Nicolau to stop and when I caught him, he went through four solid red lights (Somerville Avenue and: Elm, Lowell, Beech, and Park Streets). In total, I cited him for four out of a total of five red lights.


When I caught Mr. Nicolau, he told me that he had no identification and that he did not possess a MA driver’s license. He identified himself as XXXXX with a DOB of XX/XX/XX and an address of XXXXX. I could sense that he was being deceptive and told him that I thought he was being untruthful.


At this point, he took out his wallet and handed me a MA driver’s license identifying himself as Edward Nicolau. After allowing him to lock his bicycle and helmet to a pole, I placed Mr. Nicolau under arrest. He was transported to the station in our mobile detention unit and booked by Lt. Mulcahy. I issued citation # R7880170 for four counts of 85/11B and one count of 85/11E.


Respectfully submitted,

Deputy Stephen Carrabino

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