A Letter of Thanks From State Rep Tim Toomey

To my friends, family, neighbors, staff, and colleagues: thank you. Your friendship and confidence has meant the world to me over the past twenty-four years. My sincere congratulations go to Mike Connolly, who won a hard-fought victory tonight in the race for the Democratic nomination. My deep trust and respect for the voters of the 26th Middlesex District continues on. Your constant and passionate engagement with the issues and your deep love for our neighborhoods will never stop inspiring me. To the thousands of voters who came out to support me today, we’re still here, we’re still going to keep fighting for the things that matter and the causes that we believe in, and I’ll be with you every step of the way.

One thought on “A Letter of Thanks From State Rep Tim Toomey”

  1. Thank you Timmy for what you did in the pass and helping people all over our cities. Now you can take it easy take a vacation” enjoy your self” ok” I told you this before you should run for president of the USA I will vote for you in a heart beat. And I know for a fact other people will vote for you also” enough seid God bless you Timmy thank you for being our good friend” the mcinerney’s( tommy macks) we will miss you my “friend”

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