Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Jorge FURTADO (B&E)


The following supplemental report was written in reference to incident #16052948.


About 1700 hours on Tuesday, 08/30/16, I, Detective DiFronzo, while assigned as Delta Fifteen within the Somerville Police Department Criminal Investigation Division, responded to XX Horace Street, Somerville, for a report of a past break.


Upon arrival, I was approached by the reporting person/victim XXXXX who stated that between 1830 hours on Wednesday, 08/24/16, and 0800 hours on Thursday, 08/25/16, an unknown white male suspect without his expressed authorization, entered his residence via an unlocked side door, defecated on his basement floor and absconded from his basement the following items he rented from Home Depot:


1.) A red Honda Cycloconverter Model EB 300, portable gas generator, valued at $500.

2.) A red Hilti Concrete Saw, Model DSH 700, valued at $500.


In addition, the reporting person/victim stated that a neighbor who resides at XX Horace Street observed the suspect as he fled the area in a blue pickup truck with the stolen items in his possession.


As part of my investigation I learned the following:




About 1800 hours on Wednesday, 08/31/16, Detective Jones and I, spoke with the witness YYYYY who resides at XX Horace Street, Somerville. Prior to our conversation, I observed several exterior video surveillance cameras affixed to YYYYY’s residence.


The witness stated that about 1900 hours on Wednesday, 08/24/16, he observed a white male, 40’s, short brown hair, thin build, wearing a t-shirt bearing the name “Furtado” inscribed on the back, exit the driveway at XX Horace Street, carrying a concrete saw. The witness stated that the suspect waved to him as he entered the driveway across the street. In turn, the suspect placed the saw in the back of an older model blue Ford F150 pickup and disappeared into the yard.


I reviewed/obtained video surveillance footage that depicted a white adult male, 40’s, about 5’10”, short brown hair, thin build, wearing a green/yellow t-shirt, black shorts and tan work boots, carrying away from the victim’s residence, via the driveway, a portable generator and concrete saw. The suspect placed the stolen items into a blue pickup truck that was parked in the driveway across the street, which is owned by ZZZZZ. The suspect fled the area in an unknown direction.


Pursuant to reviewing the video surveillance footage, I immediately identified Jorge Furtado as the person who was depicted in the video. I would note that my basis of knowledge derives from several professional and personal interactions with the suspect.




About 1830 hours on Wednesday, 08/31/16, I spoke with AAAAA, who was hired by the reporting person/victim (XXXXX) as a general contractor to oversee his home improvement project. He stated that about 1830 hours on Wednesday, 08/24/16, he secured the said residence and placed under the basement stairs a red Honda portable generator and a red Hilti concrete saw. AAAAA stated that due to excessive moisture in the basement, he left a window slightly ajar for ventilation purposes.


On Thursday, 08/25/16, AAAAA stated that he received a phone call from the reporting person/victim and learned that the side door near the driveway was left wide open and the red Honda generator and red Hilti concrete saw were missing. He was also informed that someone defecated on the basement floor.


About 2220 hours on Wednesday, 08/31/16, Detective Jones and I, observed the suspect (Furtado) along with his girlfriend, BBBBB, standing in front of their residence located at 153 Amory Street, Cambridge, engaged in a conversation. As we drove past them, I observed a blue Ford F150 parked on the street bearing Massachusetts registration BBBBB. A subsequent check with the Registry of Motor Vehicles revealed that BBBBB was the registered owner. I would note that BBBBB’s motor vehicle was consistent with the motor vehicle depicted in the video.


Based on the information obtained, Detective Jones and I radioed Somerville Dispatch and informed them of our location. As I exited the motor vehicle and approached the suspect, I identified myself as a Somerville Police Detective with my badge visibly displayed on my outer clothing. My initial intention was to conduct a threshold inquiry. The suspect immediately yelled, “I swear Dante I didn’t take the tools c’mon man don’t arrest me let me explain.”


In the interest of the suspect and the perseveration of his constitutional rights, all conversation was ceased. Prior to further verbal exploration of this incident, Detective Jones advised the suspect of his rights pursuant to Miranda and acknowledging said Miranda warnings, he wished to speak with me.


I directly questioned the suspect regarding his involvement and/or knowledge of a past Breaking & Entering that occurred on Wednesday, 08/24/16, at XX Horace Street, Somerville and he stated, “the slider door in the driveway was unlocked; I went inside and took the saw and generator don’t arrest me.” I then asked the suspect why he committed the criminal act and he stated, “I don’t know man, I needed money, I was drunk.”


I asked him what he did with the stolen items he possessed and he stated, “I put them in my girl’s truck and drove them to my brother CCCCC’s house; he lives in Malden at 1XX East Border Road, they’re in his garage.” I then asked the suspect what color his girlfriend’s motor vehicle was and he stated, “look man, it’s right there, it’s the blue pickup.” I asked him to recite the license plate number and he stated, “BBBBB.”


Moreover, I inquired as to why he defecated on the basement floor and he stated, “I don’t remember Dante I was fucked up, I had to take a shit I guess, I don’t know why I did it.”


Therefore, based on the aforementioned facts of this case, along with the suspect’s extensive criminal history, I placed Jorge Furtado under arrest and charged him with the following crimes: Breaking and Entering in the Nighttime for A Felony c266 S16A and Larceny From A Building c266 S20A.


The suspect was transported to the Somerville Police Headquarters by Officer Fusco in mobile detention #200 and booked by Lieutenant Digregorio.


I would note that post arrest BBBBB, under the direct order of the suspect, retrieved the stolen items from the garage at 1XX East Border Road, Malden, and brought them to the Somerville Police Station. 


All items of evidentiary value that were recovered/seized was entered into evidence by Detective Jones. (Please refer to Detective Jones’s supplemental report #16052948-3 for further details).


Photos and video surveillance footage available upon request.



Respectfully submitted,




Dante A. DiFronzo #290

Detective, Somerville Police Department



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