Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Denivaldo RIBEIRO (MV Infractions)

On the above date and time I was assigned to a marked traffic unit, in full uniform. I was assigned to Cross St, which is a public way in the City of Somerville, to monitor the traffic for the first day of school. At approx. 08:01 am, I observed a blue Dodge pickup truck with Massachusetts registration XXXXX commercial, go past me with a rejected inspection sticker on the windshield. I ran the plate number through the RMV. It showed that the vehicle was rejected for emission reasons on 10/01/2015. Furthermore, the vehicle’s registration was revoked because his insurance had lapsed. 

        At this time, I stopped the vehicle using blue lights and siren. When I approached the vehicle, I observed that it was being operated by Denivaldo Ribeiro, who is the defendant in this case. Mr Ribeiro is also the owner of the vehicle, but he has it registered in a company name. According to the RMV, Mr Ribeiro does not have a driver’s license, and never has held a valid license in Massachusetts. My intention at this time was not to arrest Mr. Ribeiro, but to issue him a civil citation, tow his vehicle and warn him not drive until he obtains a valid license. However he told me that will continue to drive and didn’t care if it was illegal to do so. At this point, I placed the defendant under arrest, for the above stated charges. He was transported to the police station in the wagon and booked by Lieutenant Rymill. I issued citations R78566 and R7878567 to the defendant. 


        Respectfully Submitted

            S Johnson # 141


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