By William Tauro 

Local filmmaker and Somerville News Weekly reporter, Shannon Hardy, is working with a group of student filmmakers to back their short family film, Little Star.


Hardy is a student at the #1 film school in the US: The University of Southern California, TV Correspondent for NESN’s Dirty Water TV, and production assistant for larger feature films.


However, she is now focusing on directing her first crowd-funded film alongside local filmmakers from the Greater Boston area: Robert Dinanno, Francis Sparco, Alexander Snow, and Elyse Wang.


Little Star is set to film by the end of August, and will then go into post-production in Southern California with the help of students from USC and Savannah College of Art and Design.


Little Star is not currently backed by sponsors, but the group hopes to change that. Right now, the project is being funded by—a page where anyone can electronically donate.


The Kickstarter fundraiser has 30 days in total to reach its goal of $2,500.


“Our hope is that this project will be something the Boston community can be proud of, and that small, local artists will be inspired by. We hope to use any excess funds raised from fundraising, festival awards, and distribution, to give back to Boston,” said Hardy.


Little Star is the story of young boy whose single mother takes him to her favorite band’s final concert. The concert provides an unexpected opportunity for the family to bond when the child takes the stage and preforms for his mother.


To become a Little Star sponsor please email, or donate electronically at

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