Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Bianca MONTEIRO (Disorderly Conduct) & Clailton JUNIOR (Disorderly Conduct)

On June 11,2016, I was in full uniform working a paid detail at Samba Bar. At approximately 12:00 am, the owners of the establishment had asked a female , later identified as Bianca Monteiro, to leave because she was bothering other patrons and begging for drinks after she had been told by staff there that they would no longer serve her any more alcohol.
She was walked out the door by the owners, but kept returning , trying to make her way past the two security officers. They tried several times to get her to leave but she ignored them , and kept trying to
push her way past them. I asked her several times myself to leave , and walked her to the exit informing her that if she kept up this behavior I would arrest her. My requests were also ignored.
She was allowed to use the bathroom, given a bottle of water and sit while awaiting a taxi cab in the hallway. This lasted only a short time, as she again pushed her way past the security officers, ran to the far end of the establishment, and tried hiding among the crowd. I walked her to the exit and placed her under arrest.
While waiting for prisoner transport, I could see through the doorway that another patron , later identified as Clailton Junior, fighting with the security officers. They were defending themselves against
his pushing them , and trying to get him to leave at the request of the owners. When I approached them , he pushed away from the security officers, and tried to go back into the establishment. With the security officers help, I was able to walk him to the exit and place him under arrest. While doing so, I was informed by the owners that while I was dealing with the female , this male was pushing other patrons and yelling at the owners.

Both persons were transported to the Somerville Police station and booked on the charge of disorderly conduct.

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