Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Alejandro NECOCHEA (Open Container)

On Saturday June 11, 2016, I, Officer Christine Bork was patrolling marked unit East-2. At approximately 01:23 I was dispatched to 75 Union Square (The Independent) for issues regarding a male party that had been kicked out of The Independent and was now banging on the window. The male party was described as a white male with a ponytail, and wearing a white denim jacket. East-1 Officer Lorenti, East-4 Officer D’Amelio, and East-3 Officer Prophete responded as well.


Upon arrival we made contact with a male party, later identified as Alejandro Necochea, who was a white male, with a ponytail, and wearing a white denim jacket. At this time, Necochea was standing on the sidewalk. As I approached Necochea, I noticed in his right hand he had an open bottle of Corona and took a sip of it as I walked up to him. I took the bottle from Necochea’s hand and placed it on the ground. Officer Lorenti and I asked Necochea multiple times what had happened, but Necochea was extremely uncooperative and would not answer any of our questions. When I asked Necochea why he was drinking a bottle of beer openly on the sidewalk he denied ever having the beer. When asked again about drinking the beer openly on the sidewalk Necochea continued to be uncooperative and evasive with his answers.


Necochea was placed under arrest for 9/1 VCO Open Container. He was transported by unit Unit #200, Officer Rodachia, to Somerville PD headquarters where he was booked in the usual manner by Lt. Lavey.



Respectfully submitted,


Officer Christine Bork #327


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