Letter to the Editor:Somerville Babe Ruth Baseball (SBRB) – The Edge Batting Cage Facility; CLOSED


Hi Bill, 

Thought this might be of interest. Our Somerville families don’t stand a chance. Many young kids already were left out to the ever increasing fees associated with youth sports. Bob Scofield dedicates hours of unpaid service to ensure that our boys and girls who out-age Somerville Little League-still have a place to practice the sport they love Baseball & Softball. 
The City can back the arts and all kinds of festivals – but can’t back youth sports? They wonder why families move away. This city has a real opioid issue and gang related problems. We do our best to ensure our kids remain active and connected to sports to keep them out of trouble. Despite the pinch on our wallets. 
When kids are bored they begin to look for other ways to occupy their time – this worries me. 
The City has a moral obligation to its families. All lives matter… #Somervilleyouthsportsmatter
I write on behalf of our athletes who don’t seem to have a voice, for all the dedicated coaches who hold practices and mentor our kids without receiving any monetary support and for all of the parents who go without to ensure our kids have the equipment needed to play, and who work and yet their voices are ever present cheering our kids on at the games. 

Susan Leyva

Subject: Somerville Babe Ruth Baseball (SBRB) – The Edge Batting Cage Facility; CLOSED

Hello SBRB Families,


Regrettably, we have to suspend batting cage hours for the remainder of this season. Coaches will do their best to use practice time to work on hitting.


Last Thursday we received notice from Somerville Recreation that it was no longer financially feasible for the city to subsidize the cost of paying a Somerville Recreation staff employee to open the cages for Somerville Youth Softball or Somerville Babe Ruth Baseball.


Regrettably the organization did not budget for this expense as part of registration costs for the 2016 season. While the city did subsidize the cost during the winter and spring, we do not have the funds for May and June.


As outlined in an email from Somerville Recreation Director Jill Lathan, the costs of renting the cages is $35 per hour per batting cage tunnel. Not accounting for any holiday closings, the cost to continue using the batting cages could exceed $1,500 (8 days, 24 hours, 2 batting cage tunnels @ $70 per hour, $1,680).


This being the case next year, and not getting any support from the city, and a desire to use the cages for the same period and amount of time, we will need to raise the cost of registration, do fundraising, or both to budget nearly $7,000 for use of Edgerly batting cage facilities from September to June. Each families obligation could be another $170 on top of registration. This is an unlikely scenario and could mean reduce days and hours overall as a more affordable solution.


We have had conversations with Ward 1 Alderman Matt McLaughlin about the situation and await follow up. In the meantime, your voice speaks volumes. Please reach out to your Ward Alderman and ask for their support. Share online your personal pictures with the #YouthSportsMatter.


Best regards,


Somerville Babe Ruth Baseball


3 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor:Somerville Babe Ruth Baseball (SBRB) – The Edge Batting Cage Facility; CLOSED”

  1. I hope the situation is resolved for the sake of the kids. There are businesses out there that can donate. Hope they step up to the ate for these kids

  2. This is so sad! Who is making these priorities? What happened to “Shape up Somerville” doesn’t anyone running the budget care any more?

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